Windows 8.1 update for windows mobiles brings a lot of new and exciting features for their users.The new update windows phone 8.1 will be soon available for windows mobile users in coming months.Though many features are available in the window phone 8.1 updates we have mentioned some the biggest features.

Most-exciting update for windows 8.1 – Cortana

New features For Windows phone 8.1 Update

One of the best feature of windows 8.1 update is Cortana.Cortana is the personal voice assistant for windows phones and this will surely compete Google’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri.Cortana will bring you latest news, shows weather also reminds you about the important meetings and To do list.You can access to Cortana in windows phone 8.1 by just pressing the search button. 

Action center:

New features For Windows phone 8.1 Update

Same like Android, Windows is decided to bring the notification center to its windows phone 8.1 updates called Action center.Action center will allow its users to quickly access the Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness adjustment and lock auto rotate screen.You will also get the missed call alert and the message notifications in the action center of windows phone and you can easily access to action center by just swiping from top to bottom of the screen.

Updated Background tile and Lock screen:

Though you can set the image in lock screen you cannot set the background image in start screen of windows phones so windows phone 8.1 update brings the solution to this.Now you can make the start screen tile transparent to the background image and also get the option to display live tiles in the start screen.The lock screen of windows 8.1 can also be customized with calendar, time and date.

Key features of Windows 8.1 update:

1.Personal voice assistant cortana               2.Action center for easy access

3.Updated background tile,lock screen        3.Swipe keyboard for better writing 

Windows 8.1 will be soon available to WP8 users in a couple of months, but no one is sure about the mobiles that will get the 8.1 update.But the upcoming windows phones comes with windows 8.1 as stock will be shipped later this month.



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