Many Moto E users have a doubt about the internal storage and app data storage of Moto E as it runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2 .Here are the some of the details about the apps and games storage of the best Android Smartphone Motorola Moto E. One of the con of Moto E is its limited internal storage, though the phone is provided with 4 GB internal storage we have around 2.2 GB user available which is a bit low for Android KitKat version and heavy Android users. Below we provided the details about the internal and app data storage of Moto E with Android KitKat 4.4.2

The storage of apps and games of Android KitKat is different from Jelly Bean or older android version. In Android KitKat, you can able to move the almost every app to SD card but there are few apps which could be installed only in Internal memory. Though the app and the Game can be moved to SD card the App data of the game cannot be moved to SD card.
Here is the screenshot of Minion Rush storage details in Moto E. There are two categories of Storage in Android KitKat 1.App 2.Data as you see in the picture. The game is installed in SD card but not the full game is stored in SD card only the app will be stored in SD card while the data will be stored only in Internal memory of Moto E.
As you can see not every app or Game can be installed 0n SD card of Moto E there are few apps and games will be installed only in the internal memory of Moto E and you cannot move it, SD Card.
Due to the limited internal storage of Moto E, you cannot install two or more big games like asphalt 8, GTA at the same time and also games above 2.2 GB cannot be installed in Moto E.
Apart from the Apps and games all the pictures and videos can be moved or stored in the SD of Moto E which gives you some more free space to install Apps and games in Moto E. This storage detail is common to all android mobiles which runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. If you have any doubt regarding storage option in Moto E please leave the comment below.


  1. I want to install asphalt 8 on my moto e I have only 700 mb phone memory left and 3 GB SD card memory left can I able to install.if yes then how pls mail to me. Please

    • yes, but before installing Asphalt 8 free 1.5 GB of ur internal memory.After installing you, can move only certain part to SDcard.

  2. Hello, this article was so helpful but I was just wondering if that applies to apps where you download music from. I’m having that issue. I’ve been downloading music from an app that’s suppose to store the music to the sd card but it not showing up on it but on the device. Even write the developer & they said it’s suppose to but looking into it. It’s just frustrating because I’ve been looking everywhere didn’t info & this is the closest I’ve gotten to some type of answer. So I was just wondering if it applied to the music I downloaded or not. If not is there anything I should or can do? I have music already downloaded onto it from my old phone but I tried a couple new songs on my moto e but they aren’t storing on the sd card. Thank you very much & sort this is a bit long. Gd article!

    • Hi jamie, just look into the app whether it has any setting to set the path to SD card.If nothing found just cut the Song files from Device memory and paste it to SD card.We will find some more solution to this issue and get back to you.

    • Just go to setting>Storage>Move Media.There you can move the Flims(Videos) to SD card.If you want to move WhatApp video to Sd card then open FileManger WhatsApp>Media>Videos Cut the videos and paste it on your SD card.

  3. Hi moto e team
    Can I transfer my all data like galary pictures, Whatsapp MX player & vidmate vedios in my SD card. Having lot of spare free in my SD card. Pls. Suggest. Thanks

    • You can move all media files by going to settings>storage>move media option.To transfer the WhatsApp images and videos to SD card cut the WhatsApp media folder and paste it on SD card by creating new WhastApp folder

  4. Vijay, i just want to know that in yu yureka will i be able to move app data into sd card? I want my whats app data to be in sd card by default.i want whatsapp images and videos to go directly into sd card.not via cut that possible??i heard of heating issues in yureka. Can you tell me how worth it is??

  5. I tried installing asphalt 8 on my moto e at least two times but there’s always an error message being displayed . It says insufficient space on external storage although I have a minimum of 5 GB free in my external SD card. I tried resetting my phone as a result it cleared my internal storage too and then tried reinstalling the game but all in vain. Plz help me. Thanking you beforehand .

  6. My daughter smashed her moto e (2nd). We backed up all her apps onto a 16g micro sd. When we purchased another moto e (2nd) and mounted the micro sd it does not see any of her apps?? The sd card is functioning as it works on my galaxy s4. So what else could be the problem and what are the steps to correcting it. Thanks!


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