As the new Android L which could be named Android Lollipop is available only for nexus 5 and nexus 7 as a developer preview we have come up with the new features and the UI changes in the new Android version Android L. When compared to all android updates Android L(Lollipop) new features bring the huge changes to user interface.Before the official launch of the Android L we have putted some images comparing Android L with the Android KitKat to show the huge changes in user interface and some of its new features like floating notification bar.

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Homepage and onscreen button of Android L :

As you can see the changes made in Android L, it comes with the flat UI and one of the major change in Android L is its one screen button. The onscreen buttons look so simple and they resemble the triangle,circle and square shapes.
Notification and shortcut menus for Android L :
In Android Kitkat when you swipe from top to bottom of the screen you will get the notification bar and when swiped down with two fingers you will get the shortcut option. But in Android L once you swipe out you will be taken to notification bar and swiping down again will take you to shortcut menus. Also Android L shortcut widget looks flat and it gives some extra options like Auto rotate and cast screen when compared with Android KitKat.

Recent apps in Android L:

Recent Apps window in Android L (Lollipop) took the new look with some graphical UI. The recent apps window of Android L looks similar to Android Google chrome tab window.
Below there there some of the UI comparison images of latest Android version ,Android L with Android Kitkat. As there is still a developer preview of Android L is released for user there is no update regarding the official launch of Android L to everyone. Some of the compatible android mobiles for Android L will be listed later.


  1. windows phone 8.1 is better and android borrowed many windows phone patented features that it has to pay to microsoft to keep them running and also besides the soft design change, the chrome tab switch like app shifter and HERE maps like navigation design…oh did i forget the on/off button design…and lets come to the basic point…the kit-kat is still stuggling to make a mark in android segment and google doesnt care to upgrade devices unless their own so this is quite frankly too early a shot for andy L.Windows phone atleast updates all devices equally from wp 8…oh and it will be a lag droid as ever on low end hardware…am not a fan boy of windows but yeah this crap what they call project butter on android jellybean takes 10 sec just to load the phonebook and dont ask about the apps( just with stock apps included and after 7 months usage) on the samsung galaxy grand. Honestly going for android means either buy a new one to get the latest OS or buy a nexus and compromise on space…pathetic google


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