Rooting , Does it sounds weird? Yes of course. First let us know what is rooting. Rooting in Android is about getting the full use your android mobile breaking the brand limitations.Rooting your Android mobiles allows you to take the full advantage of your Android devices with some special apps and rooted OS. Read more about rooting here . Though rooting showers us with lots of advantages it also has disadvantages and we are going to discuss about the reasons why we should not root our Android mobiles.

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Disadvantages of Rooting android phones :
4.Short life span :
Though rooted Android Mobiles make full use of your hardware it always limits your life of your mobile. The custom OS is always designed considering the capability of your mobile hardware , rooting makes your hardware to do some extra jobs and thus its results in a short life span of your android devices .
3. No more further official Updates :
Rooting is a simple means installing the third party and custom ROM. It is clear that your official stock OS is no more with you and you cannot update your mobile anymore. Even when your mobile gets latest android official update you cannot update your mobile as your device is rooted.
2.Your android Mobile may be bricked :
Bricking means no more use with your mobile you can only use it as a toy. Rooting your android mobiles may sometimes result in bricking and the main reason for bricking is using wrong ROM and file while flashing your Android device.
1.Void of mobile warranty :
The main reason why you should not root your android device is void of your mobile warranty . Once your phone is rooted the company is not responsible for the damage caused to your mobile and you should root at your own risk . The rooted android mobile does not carry any warranty on his device.


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