Worried of your Mobile bill? Then this app is surely for you. Nanu Android app allows us to make normal phone calls for free over 2G or 3G network.Also, we can Make free internal calls using Nanu app and the app is launched only yesterday at play store and it got a huge response.This app is not like every other free calling app and this app is bit different also it has nice voice clarity.As of now Nanu app is available only for Android and coming soon for IOS

Free Phone calls using Nanu:



How does it work?

Just go to play store and install the NANU.
Enter your mobile number and register your Nanu account.
Its very simple, now you can make free calls to normal phones which do not have Nanu app installed.But as of now only 15 min of credit is allowed to the normal phone calls and you can still make unlimited free calls to android mobiles with Nanu app installed.

How is it offering free calls?

The  Nanu can offers free call to normal phone as it runs an ad on your mobile.The  Ad will appear until your call connects and disappears as soon as your call is connected.

Does it offer clear voice quality?

Yes,  this would be the best app with better call quality till date.I have tested this app and I am quite happy with this app. I can able to make a free call over 2G and the sound clarity is pretty decent. The Nanu app offers free call with better call quality which is equal to the traditional call quality with fraction of the delay which is common in all VOIP calls.I would surely recommend this app to all my friends who want to make free local and internal calls through internet.
Download NANU app here 


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