CREO, a Bangalore-based Indian smartphone brand will be coming out with their Flagship device CREO Mark 1 soon. We have seen many mobile manufacturers being innovative on the Hardware part but CREO gearing to make something innovative on the software part. With the tagline of “A New Phone Every Month!”, the company is saying that their phone will get the Software update every month to keep the phone updated. There will be some new exciting features added every month and the CREO will maintain the Stock Android in terms of look and feel.

The company had also released the teaser of CREO Mark 1 ahead of their launch. Looking at the teaser we got to know that the phone will come with preinstalled Retriever App which will help the user to locate their phone if lost.

Though CREO is getting ready for the launch event, we have the specification of the CREO Mark 1 listed on the Benchmarking site. According to the source, the CREO Mark 1 will be powered by the MediaTek MT6795 OctaCore processor and 3GB RAM. The phone will sport a metal body with 32GB of onboard storage. In terms of camera, the CREO Mark 1 has 21MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. The phone will run on the Android Based Fuel OS. For more news about the CREO Mark 1 and their launch date, follow us on  FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.


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