Coolpad, the Chinese mobile manufacturer entered the by launching Coolpad Dazen 1 and Dazen X7 in India.The Coolpad Dazen 1 is the midrange Android Smartphone from.the company to compete the other Chinese entries in India.The phone has 5″ HD display with 1280*720 pixels resolution.The Dazen 1 is powered by 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor along with 2GB of RAM.It has 8MP rear camera with LED Flash and 5MP front Camera.The Phone runs on the Android KitKat 4.4.4 with CoolUI on the top.The phone is priced at Rupees 6,999 and it is exclusively available at Snapdeal.The Coolpad Dazen 1 is the competitor to Redmi 2, Yu Yuphoria, and Lenovo A6000 Plus.If you are about to buy this phone and have any doubts regarding it then this post may help you.Here is the FAQ questions and Users queries of Coolpad Dazen 1 answered.

Coolpad Dazen 1FAQ and doubts answered

Coolpad Dazen 1 FAQ & Doubts

Q: What are the box contents of the phone?

A: Handset, Battery, Charger Adaptor, USB Cable and User Manuals.

Q: Do we get Headphone inside the box of Coolpad Dazen 1?

A: No, the headset is not included in the box.Also, you won’t get any scratch card inside the box

Q: Does the phone has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection?

A: No, the display does not have the Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

Q: Does the navigation buttons are Backlit enables?

A: Yes, the three touch capacitive Navigation buttons are backlit enabled.

Q: Does the Coolpad Dazen 1 have LED notification light?

A: Yes, the phone has Multicolor LED light for notification purpose but you cannot choose the colors.

Q: What is the free RAM available on the phone out of 2GB?

A: Out of 2GB of RAM around 1.2GB is free after the first boot.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Free RAM

Q: Can we move Apps and Games to SD Card in Coolpad Dazen 1?

A: No, the Apps cannot be moved to the SD Card after installation but the preferred Storage location can be set to SD Card.We will also find the solution to move the Apps to SD Card.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Move Apps to SD Card

Q: Does the phone support OTG connectivity?

A: Unfortunately the device does not have the OTG support for connecting pen drives.

Q: What is the free internal storage available out of 8GB?

Coolpad Dazen 1 Free internal storage

A: Out of 8GB, around 4.5GB is user available in Dazen 1.

Q: How is the gaming performance? Can we Play HD games?

A: As far as now I have played testing Dead trigger 2 and Asphalt 8 and it runs without any issue.But wait for the Coolpad Dazen 1 Review for further update.

Q: Will the phone get Android L Lollipop update?

A: The Dazen 1 runs on the Android 4.4.4 and there are chance of getting Android L update.

Q: Can we insert Micro SD Card in the phone?

A: Yes, the phone supports Micro SD Card up to 32GB.

Q: What is the SIM type in Coolpad Dazen 1?

A: The phone is dual SIM and both the SIM supports Micro SIM Card.Sim 1 Supports 4G and 3G, SIM 2 supports 2G

Q: Does the phone have any heating issue?

A: No, there is no such issue and I could feel very little warm during heavy gaming.

Q: Can we buy the phone from Flipkart, Amazon or any other offline retail shop? 

A: No Dazen 1 is available to buy only from Snapdeal and it follows Flash sale.

Q: Does Coolpad Dazen 1 supports Video Calling?

A: No, there is no inbuilt Video Calling feature but you can install some third party Apps like Skype or Google Hangout.



  1. I Purchase this phone. how can i see or setting 3g or 4g or 2g we not found in my phone ,
    my phone show only 2g network

      • Its the cool UI which is similar to ios. But if you want the old android feel than follow the given steps :
        1)From the three back lit button on the bottom of coolpad dazen1 go to the settings button n click on it
        2) here u will see a pop up showing option PREFERENCES click on it.
        3) here u will in the last option like. ACTIVATE TRADITIONAL STYLE. click on it.
        4)its done now u can access stock android experience without installing any launcher.

          • The deactivate traditional style you have to follow the same steps as above….. Go to the PREFERENCES option by clicking the settings button from The lower panel n then in PREFERENCES option you will the option in last to Activate minimalist style… Just click on it n your problem is solved.

      • Sir,i brought coolpad dazen 1 but it does not support any launcher.when i use a launcher it work properly bt after pressing in middle white touch botton it turns into old homscreen.sir pls suggest how can i use a lucher parmanently

          • the same complaint i am giving ,i installed a new launcher but i cannot keep it as a default one ,when i press the middle button it back to its original version ,and i went to setting i could find the the default settings so help me to sort out this issue

    • Its the cool UI which is similar to ios. But if you want the old android feel than follow the given steps :
      1)From the three back lit button on the bottom of coolpad dazen1 go to the settings button n click on it
      2) here u will see a pop up showing option PREFERENCES click on it.
      3) here u will see in the last option like. ACTIVATE TRADITIONAL STYLE. click on it.
      4)its done now u can access stock android experience without installing any launcher.

  2. Hi, I got coolpad dazen 1 from snapdeal a month ago. It’s working fine. I have one doubt about my contacts. I can’t able to see all my contacts. Give me any suggestions to find out my contacts.

  3. Are we able to find a way to move apps to sd card? I am having a tough time here to install apps as i am running out of phone memory.

    Appreciate the help

    • There is no direct method but you can try what i do… Just simply make the apk backup of apps in you memory card (you can use es Explorer for it or any other search Google play)
      2)now after you have the apk backup just uninstall the app.
      3) now go to the file manager of dazen1 n thn click on the apk option shown n thn again install the app from here
      4) here you will see in the bottom of screen showing install on sd card….. Here click on install n it will now automatically be installed on sd card
      5)to chk the success jus go to settings–>apps–>click n see the phone storage n sd card storage. And verify were is the app now installed.

  4. I have a dazen 1 mobile, I require to set an IP to my phone for wireless access at my office. When I put IP that has not saved and showing “obtaining ip address”. Pls. suggest me, How I save an IP to my device for access wireless network.

  5. My handset can not connect any headset from last time,, and after reseting phone it work properly, bt some days after, same problem are held… So pls give me a best suggestions…. Thank u.

    • I also have the same problem. At times headset is not recognized. After restart it is again OK. What causing this? How can it be solved permanently. Please help. Thanks

  6. i have some issue with my phone.while talking with other people on call the voice comes out so loud dat anyone near me can hear it so easily…even after minimising the voice on minimum my problem is not solved.can u suggest me something else helpful. i m waiting for ur reply…

  7. hi this is vijay when i use next launcher or other themes and installed .and mistakenly pressing the centre button the next launcher was gone and the normal traditional theme .how to activate the next launcher permanently .and there is no home button in settings in coolpad dazen 1

  8. How to move apps and app data to sd card. I want to install fifa but don’t have enough internal storage due to apps. Reply asap

  9. my coolpad dazen 1 after i chage its software because of some issue is not letting change “select network mode” it is stuck to the preferred mode. And also the developers option is also gone.What should i do about it.

  10. I got a virus in my coolpad dazen 1. Apps get downloaded from browsers or play store without taking any permission. The phone got hanged and sometimes displays a white screen with ‘Launcher Loading’ written on it . I’ve also tried formatting the phone but it didn’t worked. CAN ANY ONE HELP ME

  11. sir i have a big issue,due to some problem i had to reset my phone,but after that some new system aps are automatically intalle dthere and during data on some apps and system update are automatically occur,what should i do?

  12. Hello everyone.
    The device i’m using currently is Coolpad Dazen 1
    A few days back my phone was not connecting to wifi. So i restarted the device and then along with the wifi problem sim cards were also not detected. Also no audio/video could be played and headphones were also not detected.
    I formatted my phone but still the problem was there.
    I rooted my phone and installed cm11 nightly. Wifi problem was resolved, but still sim is not detected along with audio/video problem.
    I searched the net for any solution but nothing yet
    Can anyone please help me out.

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