Here is the another Android beginner guide on how to create WiFi hotspot on Android mobiles.Before getting into the guide first let us know what is WiFi Hotspot?

What is WiFi hotspot?

WiFi hotspot is some specific area where you can use the internet on your WiFi enabled devices like mobiles and laptops.Some WiFi hotspot required Password to access them and some are public.

So let’s now learn how to create WiFi hotspot on Android mobiles.There are two different method one is using default Android settings and another one is by using the WiFi hotspot app.You can use the WiFi hotspot app if your don’t have Tethering & mobile hotspot option by default.

How to create WiFi hotspot on Android mobiles?

How to create WiFi hotspot on Android mobiles
  • Before setting up make sure, you have a working data connection plan on your android mobile.
  • Enable the mobile data by going to setting>Wireless&networks>Mobile networks>Data enabled>ON  (or) turn the data connection from notification bar.
  • Now  create WiFi hotspot by going through settings>Wireless&networks>Tethering & mobile hotspot>Mobile WiFi hotspot>enable.
  • For the first time, it will create a random password so you have to change the WiFi name and password in Setup WiFi hotspot option.
  • Now you can turn on the Wifi on your laptop or any other devices and use the internet from the mobile by which you create the hotspot.

Note: The signal strength of WiFi depends on how much you’re nearer to the hotspot area.

WiFi hotspot apps for Android:

If you can’t follow the above method you can simply download the WiFi hotspot apps for Android mobiles.These are one click Apps for WiFi hotspot and tethering.

By these two methods, you can create a portable and wireless mobile WiFi hotspot and use the internet on your laptops or Wifi enabled devices.If you have any queries and doubts regarding the guide please leave the comment below.



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