Every mobile manufacturers are trying hard to push the latest Android Oreo update to its users. Essential phone users already got two Beta Android 8 update before a month and they have been waiting for the stable update. But the company had the other plan for them. They pushed the Android Oreo Beta 3 OTA update to its users.

The Beta 3 update fixes some of the security flaws in Beta 2 and brings some minute changes in. Some of the changes include

  • Smart text selection, instant apps, picture-in-picture
  • Faster startup and app sign-in
  • Google Play Protect Security scans

Essential Phone has also tweeted about their latest update which says as below


If you are Essential Phone user then you can go ahead and check for the latest Beta update and you can also download them from the Essential phone official site. The build number for beta 3 Oreo update is OPM1.170911.254 and the update size is 106.5 MB.


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