Besides its awesome camera, the Google Pixel 2 is loved for the feature it offers. Here are the top 5 Pixel 2 Xl features, tips and tricks that you should know.

Google Pixel 2 / Xl Features Tips And Tricks

LED Notification

Thought the Pixel 2 Xl comes with an Active display, it still has an old-fashioned led blink light for notification. To turn it on go to settings> Notification and turn on the Blink light option.

Google Lens

The Google lens attempts to identify the object and show you the relevant information. This feature is exclusive to Pixel devices and soon it’s coming to Samsung Flagship devices. To use this feature just turn on the camera and click the picture of what you need to scan. Then open that image and click on the Google lens option at the bottom. It will scan the image and provide you with related information. As this feature is in a developing stage it fails to provide information sometimes.

Now Playing Songs

Another exclusive feature of the pixel devices allows you to detect what song is currently playing around you. To turn this option on go to settings and search for “Now playing” and turn it on. Now whenever some song is played the song name will be displayed on the lock screen.The impressive part is, it works even the device is offline. Again, it is still in developing stage and you couldn’t expect it to work well every time.

AR Stickers

The Google Pixel device camera App is preloaded with AR stickers. Go to camera App, swipe left and choose the AR Sticker option. You can drag and drop the available stickers and change its size by pinching in and out. As of now, Google is partnered with Starwars and Stranger things and you can download few other AI stickers from play store as well.

Active edge

Google Pixel has the Active edge feature which was earlier called as edge sense in HTC devices. With Active edge, you can squeeze your device to trigger Google now or to put your phone in silent mode. To enable this feature go to settings> System>gestures and turn on “Squeeze for your assistant”. You can even set the squeeze sensitivity of your choice.

So, guys, these are the top 5 Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL features, tips and tricks. Also, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.


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