Lenovo A6000 is the one of the best budget Android Smartphone at its price range.The build quality and the performance of the phone feels really good.Flipkart is selling the thousands of phone every day at the price of Rupees 6,999.After the success of Lenovo A6000, Lenovo Also launched Lenovo A7000 at MWC2015.The pricing and launch details are yet to be revealed in India.The UserInterface (UI) of Lenovo A6000 looks quite similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI.If you are new to these type of ROMS and find difficult to get into the recent Apps and Close those then this would here you.Here is the guide on how to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000.

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How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000
How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000

How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000:

  • Long press the Menu icon(left to Home Icon) on your Lenovo A6000 to open the recent Apps and background¬†running Apps.
  • Now you can tap on the clean icon( Brush Icon) on the button to close all the recent and running Apps.
How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000
How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000
  • If a case if you don’t want to close some Apps then you can lock those Apps and close the remaining Apps.To close the Application Swipe the App down.
  • Now tap on the clean icon.Every App will be closed except the locked Application
  • To unlock the locked App just swipe up the App icon.It will be unlocked
How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000
How to close running Apps on Lenovo A6000

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So by this way you can close running Apps on Lenovo A6000.If you have any further doubts please leave your comments below.


    • To disable vibration notification…
      Open Dialer
      click left menu then go to settings
      go to call settings
      uncheck “Vibrate after connected.

      Hope this helps..

  1. sir,
    When i received a call and talking with him, the calls are disconnected and i am unable to talk further. Again and Again the problem arises. I am using latest lenovo A6000 mobile. How can i rectify it. Pl. help.


  2. Hi
    I am not able to see my pics in the gallery of my lenovo A6000. When I open the gallery it shows the albums n number of pics there but all are blank. How can I fix this problem n it is not able to save the screenshot as well


  3. Im using lenova a 6000 before I week I brought the phone it was very good to use yesterday night it was fall from my hand I felt bad if any battery problem and screen or touch problem will occurs??? But no more demage in it im using back cover only Help me to secure my mbl

  4. I didn’t find home button or menu button on the screen of Lenovo a6000.it have directly menu browser but not the menu button.

  5. I have lenovo k3 note,all the downloaded data got deleted automatically and it says file does not exists, I didn’t mount SD card yet. All the data was downloaded from uc browser. Advice me.

  6. when i unlock the screen then i see the messaging box, instead of getting to home screen.i have to again press home screen button to get into home screen. Can you tell me what to do to see home screen after i unlock the phone in Lenovo K3 note.

  7. I am using lenovoA6000.few days ago,i installed an unsertified app named “ram cleaner”.it doesn’t show on phone screen but running in background.i feel that its harming my phone.now i want to uninstall this app but unfortunatlly i cant find this app in phone.how to uninstall it?

  8. hi,
    i tried methods above but it doesn’t work.when i long press button near home button it not go to recent apps.what can i do ???
    or any problem with my phone??


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