Many peoples are frustrated because of WhatsApp latest update in which the user will get a blue tick when the receiver reads your message. Many people asked for WhatsApp single tick trick and how to disable double tick on WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp occupies more of your phone storage then here is the guide to move WhatsApp to SD Card. Many people do not know about the modified version of WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp plus. The WhatsApp plus has many interesting features by which you can disable or hide the double tick and even the blue tick. So here is the guide on how to disable double tick and Bluetick in WhatsApp.

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Update: How to disable blue tick in WhatsApp

Whatsapp banned WhatsApp plus for violating its terms and conditions. So WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp unban is no longer working to hide the second delivery tick. But later WhatsApp introduced the new feature to hide the blue tick with its latest update. Here is the guide to disable or hide blue tick in WhatsApp.

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed in your phone or update to the latest version here.

Now to disable the blue tick for the particular conversation, press and hold the conversation.

From the options, choose Mark as an unread option.

This will hide or disable the blue tick for the particular conversation.

Method 2:

  • open WhatsApp and go to the settings.
  • Under settings go to the Privacy option
  • Now scroll down the screen and disable the Read receipt option. This will disable the blue tick on your WhatsApp conversation. By disable the blue tick, you won’t be able to see others read receipt.

How to disable double tick and Bluetick in WhatsApp?

Here is the step by step guide by which you can hide the double tick as well the blue tick in WhatsApp.Follow these very simple steps

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the original WhatsApp which you already installed on your phone. Make sure you take the backup of your Messages before uninstalling the App.
  • Now download the WhatsApp here. You cannot find the WhatsApp + in Google Play store as it is the unofficial version. Make sure you download the WhatsApp Plus Version 6.47.
  • Install the WhatsApp Plus and complete the verification process.
  • Note: If you get any error in the verification process. Make sure you have installed the original WhatsApp and completed verification process at least once. If you are new to WhatsApp then you have to install the original version from the play store before installing the WhatsApp plus.
  • Now if you want to hide or disable second tick click the menu icon on the top right corner and select Hide Second Tick. Now the user can’t able to see the second tick even when their message arrives you.
  • How to disable double tick and Bluetick in WhatsApp
  • To disable the blue tick proceed the same method. Click on Hide Blue Tick option on the top right menu. Now the user can’t see the blue tick even when you read their messages.
  • You can even also hide the Online status from others using WhatsApp plus.
  • To enable the Second and blue tick again, clicks on the menu and select options show second tick or Bluetick.

Note: You cannot hide the second tick or blue tick in official WhatsApp app. But if want to disable only the blue tick then you can download the beta WhatsApp from their official site. This beta testing App has an option to disable blue tick.

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So by following this guide you can hide or disable double tick and Bluetick in WhatsApp.If you have any queries or doubts regarding this post please do comment below. Also, make share you share this trick with your friends.


    • sir kindly gime me the link how i downlod WhatsApp us and how to Use it becaus when i creat an account on WhatsApp Plus its say that your version is old Please Downlod new version so kindly tell me .
      Thanks You

  1. cant install whatsapp plus in a handset (gionee E3)
    when it installs ,shows that “an existing package by the same with a conflicting signature is already installed”

    plzz help me 🙁

  2. when i downlod whatsApp Plus and open it it say that your version is old and OGwhatsApp is also . even i m downlod new version . tell me and please please send me link how to downlod WhatsApp Plus and how to use it ? please Help me How to Use WhatsApp Plus and how to Downlod latest version Of WhatsApp Plus ??


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