Facebook is the leading Social networking site and they are available for every Mobile Platforms Such as Android, Windows and IOS.Most of the Smartphones which are launching these days come with the Facebook Application pre-installed. One of the disadvantages of using Facebook App in Android is that the App cannot be moved to the external SD Card or Memory card.The Facebook App can be only installed in the internal storage of the Android device which occupies the lots of Memory space.So, it is the big problem for the people with a low internal storage device.The Facebook App can be moved to SD Card after rooting your Android device, but it voids your Mobile warranty.So without rooting your Android device you cannot move the Facebook App to Memory card but you can Move the Facebook media to SD Card with few simple steps.Here is the guide on How to move Facebook Media to SD Card in Android

Move Facebook Media to SD Card in Android

By default, the Facebook Media files are stored in internal storage>DCIM>Facebook.All the images which you have downloaded from Facebook will be stored in Facebook Folder.

How to move Facebook Media to SD Card in Android

Also, the images and videos shared in Facebook Messenger will be stored in Internal Storage>Facebook Messenger.

Now Cut the Media from DCIM>Facebook folder and paste it the SD Card of your phone.Also, cut the Facebook Messenger Folder from internal Storage and paste it on Memory Card.

By this simple Copy paste method, you can move Facebook Media to SD Card in Android.Though the space saved is very less, it could help people with very low internal storage.Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp media can be moved to SD Card which saves a lot of internal storage as we share hundreds of media files every day.If you know any other simple way to move Facebook to SD card then please leave the comment below to help the readers.For more tips and useful posts, Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


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