How to move WhatsApp to SD Card? This is the most frequent question that I receive in my inbox. Many of us want to move WhatsApp to SD Card or at least the WhatsApp media because of the limited internal storage. WhatsApp is one of the famous cross-platform mobile messaging service used by millions of people around the world.Recently WhatsApp was acquired by the Facebook and they started providing some new features.Some of the new features of WhatsApp are you can understand when the receiver received and read your message by double and blue tick marks.Also, you can add multiple admins to Single WhatsApp group.But one of the major disadvantages of WhatsApp is that it can be only installed in Internal memory.Even the images, audio, video and other media, which you send and receive on WhatsApp, is stored in Internal memory.Due to this, your internal memory of your phone gets out of space soon.

How to move whatsApp images and videos to SD Card

In order to move the WhatsApp to your SD Card, your phone must be rooted.But rooting your Android phone voids the phone warranty.In this post, I will share how to move the WhatsApp SD card on Android phones.By this method, only the media files, that is images and videos, will be moved to MicroSD card, not the entire App.

How to move WhatsApp to Sd card?

1: Open ES File Explorer on your Android mobile or even some default File Manager on your phone. In case if you don’t have any File Manager, download  ES File Explorer from here.

2: Open the internal storage files.In the internal or device storage, you will find a folder named WhatsApp.

3: Under the WhatsApp folder, you will find a folder named Media. Now cut the Media folder.

4: Now go to SD card and create a folder named WhatsApp and paste the media files into it.

How to move WhatsApp to SD card?


That’s it! By this way, you could save some of your internal storage by moving WhatsApp media to SD card without any rooting.By the similar way, you can move Facebook Android APP media to SD Card.If you have any doubts or queries on how to move WhatsApp images and videos to SD Card please leave the comment below.  By this method, you can only store the downloaded Images and videos to the Micro SD Card. The images which you receive on Whatsapp cannot be directly downloaded and stored in SD Card by default. Also, note that once you cut and paste the WhatsApp media to SD card it cannot be accessed from memory card. You can access the media files only from the Filemanager or photo gallery.


  1. Well, but you cant access this media though whatsapp which is the most intent of everyone doing this. else you could just upload it to a cloud

  2. My whatsapp can’t open photos/video, whay should i do. Others like facebook youtube camera can be done, only whatsapp can’t. I need your help to resolve this problem

    • Yes i am also facing this problem.When i download any song/Movie etc… it store in my internal memory.
      I have insert the 32GB memory card but how can we move that file from internal to SD card?
      Why they provide the External Storage if we can not move our files to sd card.

  3. I dont have cut & paste option, but there is a “move” option once file/folder is selected.
    Not a great solution as still cant view media in whatsapp, but a great work-around to fix lack of space.

  4. I tried to move media from internal memory to SD card but I got error message as Application has read only access. So I required clear information how to move watsapp media list from internal memory to SD card

  5. Sir my wats app videos and photos they don’t save in SD card so the wats app videos and photos how to add automatically in SD card plzzzz help me….

  6. Sir my what’s app photos and videos they saved in SD card in automatically how to transfer plzzzz help me my mobile model lenovok50a40 model…

  7. I was moved all the images & videos from “WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images & WhatsApp Video” to SDcard but badly, “no files” was shown on both folder (WhatsApp Images folder & WhatsApp Video folder”, as well as “no files” shown on original folder.
    What can I do now to get my images & videos back? ; (

  8. Gadgetgossip should disclose that by following the directions, you will lose access to the photos in the the WhatsApp threads. ThanksNOT gadgetgossip for wasting my time. Now I have to transfer the files back to internal memory 🙁

  9. Bro, ur mention method does not work kindly upload a video. i have do whats u said but my card data didnot show in whatsapp. if u upload a sample video, i can configure easily …

  10. better still (if your phone is rooted anyway), create a symlink or use an app like foldermount to change the directory that whatsapp uses. That way you can still see all your photos and videos in whatsapp, and you don’t have to move new media as it arrives.

  11. Hi am using oppo F1. In my photo gallery I don’t have whatsapp images folder.. Bt am getting pics videos through whatsapp.. By actually it’s not saving in my gallery.. Plz suggest whr I hav to check?

  12. Which is d best privacy aap for vdo files ? Or how to play vdos from DU privacy app with Max player. It plays on its own Du player who has no zoom option

  13. I tried this and it has ruined everything. None of the photos i receive are being saved anymore with a ‘sorry, this media file does not exist on the device’

  14. If your device was linked with google drive and you have activated backup settings than it might be stored on the drive, and if not next time be sure to update your whatsapp backup setting and get it linked with google drive.

    :- Rishabh Gupta

  15. Although I downloaded file manager in my microsoft lumia the option of cut or paste does not show in this phone. what should i do to save whatsapp media files into the sd card.


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