iPhone 6 and 6 plus have successfully made their first sale and here we have some Interesting facts about iPhone 6.without talking anything further let’s quickly see the interesting facts about iPhone 6. Also, check out the reasons why iPhone sucks?


Interesting facts about iPhone 6

Interesting facts about iPhone 6:

  • This is the first time for Apple to launch bigger size iPhone.Before they had a design which could be operated easily with a single hand.
  • iPhone 6 is thinner than the larger sized iPhone 6 plus.
  • For the first time, the power button on iPhone has moved from the top to the right side on iPhone6.
  • You can view the home screen in Landscape mode on iPhone 6.

  • iPhone 6 comes with the rounded edge.
  • The first person to buy iPhone 6 in Australia has dropped his iPhone while opening the box in front of media.
  • Just a few days had long and already the screen of iPhone 6 has cracked.This is how the mobile looks when cracked.
Interesting facts about iPhone 6
  • People arrived the night before to buy the mobile on the first sale.
  • Many people who bought iPhone have sold it for the higher price in front of the Apple store.
  • For the price of iPhone 6, you can own Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X and still have some bucks left.View some of the funny tweets on Hearing iPhone 6 price here.

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