Lenovo A7000 which was announced at CES 2015 was launched in India 3 days before.The pricing of the mobile yet done very competitive of around Rupees 8,999 in India.The Lenovo A7000 features the 5.5 inches HD display  and the phone is powered by 1.5 GHz MediaTek 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM.The internal storage is 8GB and can be expanded using Micro SD Card.It has 8MP rear camera with LED Flash and 5MP front facing Selfie camera.The Phone is operated by latest Android Lollipop 5.0 and it has 4G LTE support.The battery of Lenovo A7000 is 2,900 mAh and the Smartphone is exclusively available on Flipkart.If are planning to buy this post then this post will you give the better idea of this phone.Here are the Lenovo A7000 FAQ and doubts answered.

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Lenovo A7000 FAQ and doubts answered

Lenovo A7000 FAQ and doubts answered:

Q: What are the design built of Lenovo A7000?

A: The phone has volume and power buttons on the right side, USB port and 3.5 mm headphone jack on the top.The Mic is placed at the bottom and there is nothing on the left side.The Speaker is placed at the rear side.

Q: What are the box contents of the phone?

A: You will find the phone, Headphone, Charger adapter, USB cable, Screen guard and User guide inside the box.

Q: Does Lenovo A7000 has Corning Gorilla Glass 3?

A: No, the phone does not have any Gorilla Glass protection.But the phone has Dragontail protection(Used in Redmi 2) which is good to withstand the minute scratches.

Q: Do we get screen protector inside phone box?

A: Yes, there will be screen guard provided with the Lenovo A7000 inside the box.

Q: Is the three navigation buttons are LED backlighted?

A: No, sadly the navigation buttons are don’t have LED backlit which is makes tough to operate the phone in night times.

Q: Does Lenovo A7000 has OTG Support?

A: Yes, it has OTG support for connecting pen drives and game controllers.

Q: Does the phone have the LED notification light?

A: Yes, it has While LED light for notification purpose.you cannot change the color of the light.

Q: What is the free RAM available after the first boot?

A: Around 1.2 GB out of 2GB of RAM is available after the first boot.

Q: Can we move Apps and Games to the SD Card?

A: yes, you can move the Apps and Games to the SD Card.you can even select the default location to install the Apps and Games.But not the full App or Game can be moved only some part of data is moved to SD Card.

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Q: How is the gaming Performance of Lenovo A7000?

A: It handles Some HD games very well and there is no noticeable lags.It tested playing Beach Buggy racing, Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2, all these games are highly playable.

Q: What is Dolby ATMOS and how is the speaker Quality?

A: Lenovo A7000 is the first Smartphone to feature Dolby ATMOS speakers which is usually used in theatres.The speaker quality is clear and loud.You can enjoy the moving sounds of an object and works great with Headphones.

Q: Can Lenovo A7000 play 1080p Videos?

A: Yes, it does play 1080p videos without any issues.

Q: How is the camera Quality and what are the Camera features?

A: The camera of Lenovo A7000 is good enough to capture decent images.You can even record HD 1080p videos with the phone.

Q: What is the free internal memory available for the user?

A: Around 3 GB of internal memory is user available out of 8GB.It has some of the preinstalled Apps and Games which occupies more space but you can uninstall that.

Q: How is the display quality of Lenovo A7000?

A: The display looks very bright and crisp.The viewing angles are great and you can double tap the display to unlock the device.

Q: Can we make video calls through the phone?

A: There is no inbuilt Video calling feature but you can use Apps like Skype, Facebook to make Video Calls.

Q: Is there any noise cancellation Mic on the device?

A: yes, the noise cancellation Mic is placed at rear side for better call quality.

Q: What type of SIM supported in Lenovo A7000?

A: It supports Micro SIM, the first SIM supports 4G/3G/2G and the second SIM supports only 2G.

Q: What is the benchmark scores of Lenovo A7000?

Lenovo A7000 benchmark Score

Q: How to buy the phone?

A: You can buy the phone only at Flipkart. You can register over here and the first sale is on 15th April 2015.

I have tried to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions of A7000 and If you have any further doubts then you can leave the comment below.



  1. gsmarena.com showing the first SIM (which is 4G supported) is unable to make voice call, it is only for data. Is it true?

  2. can you please show some screen shots showing the process of transfer of apps to memory card as you did in case of huawei honor 4x

  3. Does it has separate memory card slot and two sim slots or one sim slot is hybrid(can be used for either sim card or memory card).

  4. hi sir
    corning gorilla glass proctection not there , wat r the problems we face
    is it mandatory for protection
    thanx in advance

    • There are little chances that your display will get scratches if Gorilla Glass was not there.But it is not mandatory for protection

  5. Can you please show some screen shots showing the process of transfer of apps to memory card as you did in case of huawei honor 4x?

  6. Is there any lag during using camera,app,games,texting..
    Rear ,Front facingCamera quality is good or bad ??
    Meditek prcsr is good or bad??

  7. Hi,
    Lenovo a7000 did not recognize my memory card. can u pls let me know how make it to detect. Also I have heard we can use the second sim card slot as “Memory card slot” as well, is it true?

    • Hi praveen, we will post the full review of the Lenovo A7000 very soon 🙂 So please be active on the blog by subscribing.

      • Vijay Bro, i m planning to buy tis phn.. so only i am asking lots of qstns to u 😛 nw i m using windows phn lumia, for a small chng tis tme gng for android(lenovo).. so as soon as possible post d full review 🙂 thanks for all ur rply 😉

        • i doesnt face any singl lag in my windws phn so i dnt want to xprnc any such lag in tis phn.. so plz specify all d things in LENOVO A7000 phn.. Advance THANKS bro 😉

  8. Does all the app and games can be moved to external sd card??
    where will be the apps and data present???whether in external card or in internal???

      • Hi vijay,
        i m facing a serious heating issue around memory card slot reasulting in charging problem as battery temperature exceeding safe temperature limit which stops charging and discharging soon .Heating can be felt around the slot ever.when memory card is removed the problem vanishes. plz help the need full.

  9. I have recevied lenovo a7000 without its “lenovo “logo on the front side . So is there any dout of duplication, should i change it? I want its logo on front. Please vijay reply me soon .

  10. And i also want to know why they are increasing the rate of a6000 are they first selling in under costing and then increasing the rate ? And is there launching of next a7000 with 16 gb rom in next future with name a7000 plus ? Please vijay let me know about it?

  11. Hi, Thanks for sharing your review, I have bought the phone and facing a hard time moving many apps to SD card and in Apps there is no option to force move the apps to sd card as in a6000 I guess, please suggest how can this be managed.

    • Not every Apps can be moved to SD Card.Apps like Facebook and Whatsapp can be only installed in Internal memory.Also only some part of the data can be moved to SD Card.

  12. Dear Vijay
    You have mentioned approx 4.5 gb as usable internal memory in Lenovo a7000. But, I can see as 3.1GB as used by OS & 2 GB as used by Apps. I have got only 1.5 GB of internal memory. Is there any thing that I need to work out to increase the internal memory to 4.5GB? Please suggest. Thanks

    • There are many Apps and games which are preinstalled like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Ture caller and many more.If not needed you can uninstall those and free up the space.

  13. Pls suggest, how to use the Lenovo mobile diagnostic app & Lenovo svc app on Lenovo A7000 model?
    Also, the battery of my phone is a little lower in performance. Need suggestion to improve the battery duration in Lenovo A7000… Thanks

  14. I am trying to enable default write option to SD card however it not happening. One I change option it is asking for restart. After restart still itvsay photo is default…pls help

  15. Can anybody help me…??? what is the particular model nos of Lenovo a7000…provide in the box by company…actually I want the cable only…i’m not getting it in Any e shopping sites

  16. I’m trying to open word, excel files… but it is not opening. I installed kingsoft office and polaris office while trying to open with this applications error message is appearing “unfortunately, POLARIS Office 5 has stopped….
    Please suggest, how to access word and excel files with Lenovo A7000

  17. Hi vijay, I have two questions please clarify.

    1) How to make visible battery remaining percentage indicator near batter indicator on top like other smart phones(My previous phone was sony xperia),
    2)The phone is showing connection timeout when i tried to download any app via google play store using 2g data connection.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • By default its on internal Memory.Still you can change it to SD Card but not the full Games and Apps can be moved to SD Card.

  18. lenovo A7000 have any sim card change notification (by sms) functionality And anti theft protection functionality …?

  19. Hi I want sure shot answer about Lenovo A7000 which has “default write disk” option in setting to change default write disk which is either internal storage of sd card and also in apps have option to” Force fully install apps to sd card” Like Lenovo A6000 because i found this both options of Lenovo A6000, so all apps & games is directly defaultly installed on SD card in Lenovo A7000 because i plan to buy this phone in next flash sell my desigion is depands on your Answer……Please help me i am so confused because i buy this mobile for gaming and apps installation Micromax Yu Yureka has 16 gb internal but this options is not available in micromax so i reject micromax Yureka.. Please help me to get right desigion about Lenovo A7000……

  20. Sir I read your review only 3 gb is usable for apps in 8 gb but i am Highly used mobile for gaming and apps installation and after i hearing 3 gb is only usable please suggest me which mobile i can purchase my options is Micromax Yu Yureka or Lenovo A7000… i am trying to purchase Redmin Note 4G but it has only single sim card so i rejected Mi Phone….Please tell me what to do…

  21. my front and rare cams are not that much quality. that means there is a lot blurrr when the photo is zooomed can i get the solution for that

  22. hi,sir i am ashutosh i have confused between yureka and lenovo a7000
    is lenovo a7000 can be rooted and how about its gaming and net surfing can we play gta games on it without a lag

  23. sir ,can lenovo 7000 root able and can we play gta games without a single lag and please can you tell me about special features of it please replay fast

  24. how i solve the problem when i download the game like modern combat 5 the message coming the duplicate permission null please help me.

  25. hi, sir i am worry about its internal storage if there is an 16 gb sd card then can we install all the game-gta sanandreas,mc5,asphalt8 and vice city and get free internal storage of 500 mb internal by moving all this into sd card

  26. I am facing WiFi problem with lenovo a7000. I am trying to connect my phone with windows 8 but it’s not connecting with it. I have tried all apps like connectify and mhotspot.

    Please help me out.

    • I have same problem. It is not connecting to wifi using static IP. I think it must be bug of Lollipop version of Android. Please suggest if you have any solution.

  27. Hi Vijay – I have been using A 7000 for last 20 days now. The phone is good, however I have some issues with syncing the Phone and SD Card.
    (eg. )
    1- I have copied songs and pictures from my last phone on the SD card, however when I try to play songs/videos/pictures from SD card i get an error. “Music Playback error, could not play the file you requested.”
    2 – Specially for pictures, I can see the thumbnail view of the pictures inside the gallery however when I touch to open the picture, a black screen is appeared. Could you please let me know how can I resolve this issue.

    Thanks, Rishi

  28. When I am using any app ,if any incoming call comes..I m unable to receive it..its shows accept call..on clicking on this button .its not connecting.. Any resolution

  29. Just bought lenovo a7000.
    The earplug pin is not inserting completely into the jack.
    It is partly outside.
    A manufacturing fault?????

  30. What about the quality of the quality of the screen protector provided in box?Is it tempered glass?Should I go with it or opt to buy a new one??

  31. Can u pls tel me Which memory card can it support of 32 gb..?? and how are its camera quality and pls tel me about its vibe ui..!! i am planning.to buy this phone..

      • bro.. lenovo a7000 heats up very much while charging, tlking on phone during call, even it heats up while browsing net on wifi or 3g . plz dont give false appreciation about the a7000
        i hv been using a7000 from last one week now i feel its waste of money . so guys plzz dont buy such faulty products

        • Hey Rahul ,
          There is no point of false appreciation, it is what it is. Its your bad luck that you got a faulty piece. I’ve been using this piece for quite a while and so far I haven’t faced any major issue and definitely not heating issue. Please don’t generalize and see a lenevo support center.

  32. Sir, I m using LENOVO a7000 can we attach by otg cable to DATA card and can we use Internet or not pl tell me

  33. I have a lenovo A7000. In this phone I can using WhatsApp or fb messenger through WiFi easily and fastly but one major problem is why I can’t use WhatsApp or fb messenger using internet data. Is there is a major problem in phone. Please give me a proper solution for this issue.

    • I am also facing the same problem i am unable to use any messenger (wats aap , instgram etc..) i am able to open web site on google crome but nt able to use wats app ….even the internet data connection is showing H & H+ unable to connect please …to resolve this issue…really frusted ….

  34. Past 24 hours Camera showing out of memory… Deleted files and having memory space in phone but still showing out of memory and unable to capture any image..completely camera hanged…

  35. I am planning to purchase A7000, but have 5questions before i purchase
    1) How many Memory Slots are there
    2) whether old mobile memory card will be read by Lennovo , as earlier mobile was OS version of Balckberry
    3) It should heat up even if apps are downloaded and games are played
    4) Whether all memory notes in Note Pad, Chat history of Whtasspp in Blackbery can be easily transfered to A7000
    )5) Will both micro SIM cards will e 4G enabled

    Please reply before i take call

    • 1: 1 Memory card slot & 2 sim Card slot
      2: Yes, you can use your old Memory Card
      3: No heating Issue until you run Highend Game for above 30 minutes
      4: Yes, the whatsapp Backup of Blackberry can be restored.
      5:No only the first SIM supports 4G.

  36. Hi,
    I am using Lenovo A7000 for one month. i am facing issue with 3G connectivity with my Aircel SIM(1st slot). I tried to check 3G compatibility check with Aircel and it says your device is not in list. Still I used it with APN aircelweb, sometime it works fine and sometime not all thorugh out the day. How can I resolve this ?

  37. I purchased lenovo a7000. but it is not detecting my sim. SIM card is cut in micro. and it is working fine in other phones.
    Please Help

  38. I have only one question sir. Exactly how much space is give for installation of apps. Coz the biggest issue with smartphones is their limited app space which gets full very fast after few app updates. I use lots of apps so it would be bad if memory got full just with a few installation of apps.

  39. does both the sim work at same time i.e if i have a call on first sim will second sim number informs me that i am getting a call on second sim.so that i can put first call on hold and switch to second sim.

  40. Sir lenovo a7000 4g/3g/2g/ slot insert my micro sim airtel 3g 1gb but net speed show 0.21kbps or0.0kbps I don’t under stand why do so sir I can not any aap download plz tell me about my problem I think 4g/3g/2g sim slot does not working plz what I do reply me soom

    • aditya have you replaced your sim to 4g sim from gallery if not get your sim changed to 4g sim first & then try it should work.

  41. in lenovo a7000 when i am working on phone and i get a call i am not able to recieve the call , earlier i was able but dont know settings changed or what happend…two optoins decline and answer appears on it but i touch them they dont respond…suggest me what to do how to change settings if it is settings issue…when phone is locked and i recieve call i am able to respond to call…

  42. Having A7000 and feels good. Volume button gets disturbed while picking from pant picket during ringing? Any solution?

  43. I tried to connect my phone to my pc.. only external sd card is shown, is there no way for me to view internal sd in pc.. pls help.

  44. can move obb file large game like nova ,nfs…ect move odd on sd card possible or not possible plzz answeer me because tommrrow i want but the mobile a7000 …vijay

  45. Hi,how to reduce the battery consumption in lenovo A7000 mobile. I read that by turning off 4G LTE when not in use. But how to turn off 4G LTE?

  46. i hav lenovo7000 when i get a call or when i make a call, i can not hear properly the volume is very low.any suggestion for improving it ? thanks

  47. HI,

    My lenovo does not connects to wifi. Even there are many open access points. I have installed the latest update from lenovo. still the same issue. Lenovo has to fix the issue as soon as possible.


    • Other phones can be connected to the network? if yes try resetting the phone. If you have stored too many Wifi Connection to your phone then try removing some of the connections.

  48. my phone shows only internal storage as 4.82GB??? i just uninstalled all the pre installed games. how can i increase the internal storage space or 4.82 is fixed one??

  49. After updating my a7000 phone to S143,the wifi is not working properly..
    Shareit and Xender aren’t working..
    Please give me the solutions for this

  50. My lenovo a7000 is not able to connect to WiFi earlier it was connecting to my home WiFi but now not.why?how to resolve this issue two arrow signs are also seen on WiFi sign now earlier not why can u help me.

  51. in my lenovo a7000 i can t see my 2ed sim name when i want call some one only my 1st sim name display 2ed sim can t , how can i slow it call data all working in 2ed sim

  52. I have heard there is a wifi and battery issue after the update in lenovo a7000 so my question is this update come pre-installed with lenovo a7000 and how much memory is provided for installation of apps? PLEASE ANSWER as i plan to buy this phone in 2 or 3 days.

  53. I recently bought the a7000 and after 17. days of use the display went off, but the phone still works I relied a few things like removing the battery and re-fixing it yet the issue persist is there any diagnosis am not aware of?
    more over I did update it and I was thinking the update caused the damage any ideas please, anyone.

  54. HI !

  55. hi sir!i am using lenovo A7000 for the past one month!i have a problem no!i recievrd an information of”the word processor have been stopped unexpectedly” then mobile hanged!!now i cant switch on the phone!!!only the data connection(yellow light is glowing)!!!i dont know what to do now!!!pls anyone clarify!!!

  56. Sir i want to ask that if i want to oprate 3g in second sim slot in lenovo a7000 dan can i ?…….what is the procedure for 3g in second sim or i hv to interchange sim cards.

  57. I am using lenovo a 7000 I have 32 GB SD card and available space is 26 GB but still it does not allow me to download apps I have also selected option of default dowloading on SD storage but still don’t know whats reason ?? Kindly help me out.Thanks and Regards

  58. dear sir,
    My lenovo A 7000 Mobile cant wake up when new message or any alerts arrived, but sound is there when message arrived. when any new message arrive, i have to open it manually with power button then i actually seen which is sender… please solve my problem

  59. Dear admin,
    i cant able to acess face lock in my lenovo a 7000. i am unable to understand what may be the problem. please suggest me the solution.

  60. I have buy lenovo A7000a . I have many times same problem has faced my data like Music,Videos and photos except apps has automatically erased from mobile. Pls suggest what to do

  61. facing problem with memory card .I have 16gb card when i inserted it the mobile get hang.In other mobile the card are access Why

  62. Lenovo A7000 is compatible with 32Gb memory card but will it work seamlessly with 32gb without getting hang or Shud I go for 16 gb mem card ?

  63. My phone is lenova 7000a.it’s problem on based SD card damaged.then I took memory card(8gb) in my PC then format it. After the formating then insert the phone again the problem is not over.new version download it not solved the problem. Plz help….

      • Please help me with my problem

        I recently bought a lenova A7000-a smart phone from shop.phone is good condition but there is always a notification ‘damaged SD card’ try on format it .formating done by PC.then inserted SD card again the phone saying same notification .i tried the said SD in my card other phone and it worked. I tried so much in system update and other thigs .but still I haven’t using my SD card on lenova 7000a

  64. Hi.my lenovo a 7000 is not getting ringtone when the call is coming….it becomes silent whe the call is coming..I had checked all sounds and notifications settings….can anyone suggest me to get out of this problem…

    Thanks in advance

  65. Hi vijay
    I have a Lenovo A7000 mobile. The problem (or BUG if you may call) with the phone is that when I’m using an app and receive a call, I get a small window with the receiver details and 2 button whether to receive or reject the call. The small window never shows which SIM is receiving the call.

    I’ve lost a lot of money as I many a times pick the call received on the SIM which is roaming.

    Can you please check and let me kow if this is any config issue or if there is any work around avaialble or if its simply a bug.

    Kind Regards,

  66. Hi Vijay,

    I am using Lenovo A7000 from past 6 months.But when i am taking pictures from cam it is saying no space.but in settings cached data occupying 1.3 GB and my default storage is internal memory only.If i delete cached data .what will happen ?My gallery pics are deleted or not.Please suggest how to delete the cache data without effect on my gallery pics.

  67. iam facing problem with the folders in home screen. i am not able to remove the folder that was created or even i cannot remove the app from that folder.so plz respond me on this.thank u

  68. i have one problem in my lenovo7000 mobile,when i oprn my camera function it showing memory full…..i delete my all pictures then also showing like that…i cannot take a picture from this mobile…what want i do?please advise me…

  69. Hi I have a lenovo 7000phone and it is creating a problem like after update the phone the wlan WiFi is not working so how can I resolve the issue? Wait for your response. Thanks

  70. hii there i have recently purchase lenovo A700 turbo and got updated to android 6 and then is when problem started, cell phone ask purmission to every app i use and plus recent problem is it shows my sd card corrupted…along with few apps not working properly can you help me fix this issue….

  71. Any one help me my lenovo a7000 my sc card is used as internal storage option in marchmallow the i wil format it my phone will shows unsupported sd card but i wil try option as format in internal storage it will shows command error 8

  72. Hi,
    Im using Lenovo P70 model phone, my query is when i insert 4G sim in my phone after On the apps and default apps are showing double, i reset my phone, later i insert 4G sim again im facing same problem, would pls sugest how to remove it. pls tel me solution.

  73. hi sir i seem to have one problem i cant find the obb file and i dont have a sim card when i factory reset my phone i did not seem to find my obb file can u give me a solurion


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