Lenovo after the huge success of A6000 has launched Lenovo A7000 in India few week back.They provide some super cool specifications in the affordable price range.The Lenovo A7000 is priced at Rupees 8,999 in India which is exclusively available at Flipkart.It is the first Smartphone in the world to feature Dolby ATMOS speakers.The some of the key features of A7000 are 5.5 inch display, 1.5 GHz MediaTek MT6752m True Octa Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 4GB Support and 2,900 mAh battery. Gadget Gossip has got the chance to gets the hands on the device, used it as primary device for 1 week. So I am writing the Lenovo A7000 Review and my personal opinion about the device.

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Lenovo A7000 Review and personal opinion

Design & Built:

The Lenovo A7000 has the built quality very similar to the A6000. The rear panel is made up of plastic which is not rich and it is not bad too.The Size and the thin body make it harder sometimes to operate in the single hand. Coming to the design part of the phone, the A7000 has the Volume rockers and the power button on the right side.The buttons are well placed for an easy access on the 5.5 inch Phablet.The mic is placed at the bottom and there is nothing on the left side of the phone.The USB charging port and the 3.5mm headphone port are placed the top.Coming to the rear side, There is noise cancelation mic at the top right position.The single speaker is placed at the top, but Lenovo A7000 has a dual speaker at the rear bottom.There is a LED notification light at the front for quick notifications purpose.The rear panel is removable and the battery is User removable.



The Lenovo A7000 comes with the 5.5 inches HD display.The resolution of the display is 1280 x 720 Pixels with 5Multi touch points.The viewing angles of the phone is really good and even readable at sunlight. But sadly the display is not protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and it has Corning Dragon tail Glass on the top which was used on the Redmi 2.The Company also provides the Screen Guard inside the box of Lenovo A7000.There are some features like a Double tap to wake up, prevent pocket dials which are very good for the price.


The phone has the 1.5 GHz Cortex MediaTek MT6752m 64-bit processor which is good at the performance. Some people think that MediaTek processor is bad when compared to the Snapdragon but that not correct.Here is the article by Chetan from Phone Radar about the MediaTek processor.The processor of the phone is aided by the 2GB of RAM around which 900MB are free.The gaming on the Lenovo A7000 is really good and I enjoy playing on this 5.5″ phone.I tested playing some High-end games like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 and Real Racing 3.The games are highly playable and there are no lags.But sometimes when there are too many Apps running in the background, I could notice a very little lag. Coming to the heating Issue which people concern more these days, there is no such problem, but you could feel very little warm while charging your phone and high-end gaming.The phone could able to play High-quality 1080p videos without any issues.

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The 8MP rear camera on the Lenovo A7000 is good for the money provided.At the first glance, I was quite disappointed with the camera as the color reproduction was not that great.The image quality is good and the phone is able to capture better photos with third party camera Apps like Google Camera and Camera 360.The User Interface of the default Lenovo camera is clean and simple with added features.The photo can be clicked by touching the screen or by saying ” Snap or Cheese“.

The camera is really good in the outdoor shots, but the Auto Focus is not that quick.The color produced are little lower than the natural color.Here are the Camera Samples of Lenovo A7000.


One great thing about the Lenovo A7000 is its LED Flash, the flash is really good with the phone.There is no excess of light and the light is well distributed all over the object.The rear camera is capable of recording 1080p videos as well.The 5MP front camera does an excellent job and it can capture the selfie with Eye blink and hand sign.

Dolby ATMOS:

Dolby ATMOS is the one of the special feature added to Lenovo A7000. This feature is not that great with the default speakers or the headset provided in the box. If you can attach some good Headphone then you can enjoy this feature for moving and surrounding sounds in the Video.

UI & OS:

The Lenovo A7000 runs on the latest Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box.The stock OS is decorated by Vibe UI and comes with some preinstalled themes.Some of the pre-installed Application on the A7000 are Share it, Guvera Music, True Caller, UC Browser, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, We chat, Game store, Tap the Frog HD, Green Farm 3, Spider-Man Ultimate, Real Football 2015( without game data), Asphalt 8 ( without game data) and Google Apps. The Apps, Games and media can be directly installed and stored in Memory card.But not the full or game can be moved to SDCard, only some part of data can be moved.You can press the menu button to close the recent Apps and clean the RAM. There is an option called “Wide Touch” by which you can navigate the phone very easily.Also, Secure Zone option takes you to the new login which is very useful when you give your phone to the unknown persons.The Lenovo A7000 has the feature of Automatic Scheduled Power ON and Power OFF.There is an inbuilt File Browser available on the Lenovo A7000.


The device is packed with 2900 mAh battery and the overall performance of the battery life is decent.The battery lasted for almost the full day on the average usage. Keeping the 3G mobile data enabled, hard browsing of Apps and with little of gaming the battery lasted for the 8 hours which is good for the price.

Final Verdict:

From the Lenovo A7000 review above you could have some idea about the device. Also, the phone has 4G connectivity support and the call quality is loud and clear. If you need a Smartphone with the large display, some extra features, and OK camera quality then Lenovo A7000 is the best choice for you. If you have any further queries about the device, please leave the comment below.


    I am using Lenovo A7000 from 16th April 2015. After using 10 days I can understand you are described this product very well. But some of your description regarding this mobile I never found correct. One of the most thing you described that we can install apps and games “DIRECTLY” on SD card but I did not found this option at all. If we go with “Settings > Storage > Default write disc” then we can choose SD card option which allow the user to transfer some apps and games (not all apps and games) on SD card but we cannot send the entire apps, games and its data to SD card. For an example: I installed Flipkart from Play store and I transferred the same to SD card. After transferring it is occupied 19.52mb+1.02mb from phone memory and 9.34mb+96kb from SD card. So I think you can understand what I wanted to say.
    I know you will ignore my review because when you wrote FAQ and Doubt clearing about Lenovo A7000 that time someone asked you the same and he demand you show some screen shots regarding this issue but you did not reply his review.
    So it will be helpful for other viewer who are thinking about to buy this phone to take correct decision.

    • Thanks for this elaborate comment Rajveer.Yes, not the entire Apps or game can be moved to the SD card but the default storage location can be marked as SD Card.Some part of the data will be in internal memory same like every other Android Phones.Once again thanks for taking time to write this usefull comment for our readers.

      • It’s my pleasure. Like me you have so many traffic in your website on daily basis. So if anyone find anything wrong or something different than actual facts from your blog then it is hermful for your site as well as for you. So be careful about this. After all you always write most helpful things for your viewers. Keep it up and thanks for reply. Have a good day.

  2. Is Lenova 7000a has wifi connectivity issue , in some reviews it is written as worst wifi connectivity and so is a bad phone . is it true?

  3. how can I use active noise cancellation.And a hand sign features does not work in camera.And battery discharge plz suggest me these problems.

    • Hi Avinash,the noise cancellation is activated by default.The hand sign should work properly,place your hand next to your face and you will get green square box.I have no issue about the A7000 battery.

  4. in lenovo a7000 how can I use active noise cancellation.And a hand sign features does not work in camera.And battery discharge plz suggest me these problems.

  5. I use lenovo a7000.how can I use active noise cancelation.and hand sign does not work in camera what can I do plz suggest me..

  6. thanks sir form helping me.the hand sign is worked.but I can’t understand about noise cancelation.it can work automaticaly?and what is the function of noise cancelation plz explain me sir..

    • Good 🙂 Noise cancellation mic is for better Voice quality during phone calls removing the unwanted disturbances sounds from surroundings.

  7. sir that means noise cancellation work automatically without any settings when i talk somebody the better quality of sound can hears ,he hears no any surrouindg sound except my voice.

  8. I have purchased new lenovo a7000 ,first time I am using this there is no sound and speaker is not working only vibration is working, plz help me

  9. Is there any option to back light the navigation buttons in the phone (ie) inbuilt manual options for doing the same,or you saying its as defect.

    please reply u reviews are great..

  10. Actually How much data is moved like Dead Trigger and Asphelt games….i need to know Bcoz i want to purchase this phone…please tell me urjent…i am waiting…

  11. Hey bro, can you help me choose between Yuphoria, lenovo a6000 plus, and lenovo a7000..
    I am really confused..
    I like Yuphoria for Cyanogen and 5inch screen but I highly doubt it’s built quality coz it’s a sister brand of the infamous Micromax which have a high reputation for bad build quality!!

    I like Lenovo a6000 plus for 16gb ROM and 5 inch screen

    I like Lenovo A7000 for the CPU, led notification, battery..

    I have doubts about future support from Lenovo and also I want to know about whether the Lenovo a7000 built quality screams “cheap” or is it OK and durable type..

    Plz help..

  12. i wanna buy A7000. Is there any heating issues, wifi conectivity, performance of da phn. And garrenty for display

  13. I have a problem in my lenovo a 7000 in dark its image is dul and blur its taking not clear image.after i update software,and other problem is it not shows the no of word type in msg plz help me first about camera.

  14. can you please tell me that the a7000 heats up while calling or not ………..as you well explained the “application moving ” and all seems that we can only install handfull apps on it cus nearly 3-4giggs are left over and the phone will start lagging when 70-80% internal memory is full is it like that please reply this because i want to buy this mobile from flipkart in next flash sale (10 june) urgent

    • No, there is no heating issue.When you have Memory card with lot of empty space then there wont be much lag,Go with it 🙂

  15. Bro,can you please help how to install modded high end games on A7000 it always show ‘app duplicate permission null’ whereas original one no issue.

  16. sir,
    pls tell any third party camera application for better performance for lenovo a7000 and do have getting more performance of camera by lolipop upgradation?

  17. i am useing lenovo a7000 from last 1 month the mobile is heating after call duration of 20 min.and also i want to know how to get contacts,msg,camera and gallery in home screen.present in folders to get back like first boot of mobile.Plz give any suggestion.

  18. Dear Vijay,
    I have one query about camera flash. My Lenevo A7000 Phone flash is not functioning properly.
    Whenever I take the picture in low light the flash light comes at corners of the photo instead of focusing on center of the photo. Any setting is wrong or something else?


  19. HI BRO,

  20. I have a problem with the camera. The focus didn’t work and the resolution was so bad. I don’t know what just happened to the camera. Could you please give me the solution?

  21. Or
    Can I connect external hard disk of 1 or 2 TB to lenovo a7000 ?
    If yes then how ?
    Because I am not able to connect it to the my Lenovo a7000 phone.
    But it support pendrive through otg


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