Lenovo the one of the leading mobile brand in India always  launch  some  special product  at the affordable price range.After the huge success of Lenovo A6000, A7000 and A6000 Plus, the  company  has announced the phablet named Lenovo K3 Note.The Lenovo K3 Note features some high-end specifications and it is just priced at Rupees 9,999 in India which is quite amazing.The registration for the phone is already started at Flipkart and the first sale is on July 8th at 3 PM. Some of the key specification of Lenovo K3 Note are 5.5″ Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, 1.7 GHz Cortex Mediatek processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13 MP rear,5MP front camera and 2900 mAh battery. If you are looking to buy this phone, we have collected and answered some of the FAQ and doubts about K3 Note which would help you.

Lenovo K3 Note FAQ and doubts answered

Q: What are the box contents of the phone?

A: Handset, Battery, scratch card, Charger adaptor, USB Cable, Warranty card and user manual is found inside the box.No headset is provided inside the box

Q: Does Lenovo K3 Note has the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection?

A: No, the phone does not have the Gorilla Glass protection but the display is made little tough to withstand small scratches.

Q: How is the display quality of the phone?

A: The phone display is the one of the key feature and its the only phone with 1080p display at this price point.The viewing angles are great and the color looks vibrant.

Q: Does the phone support OTG Connectivity?

A: Yes, the Lenovo K3 Note has OTG support for connecting pen drives and game controllers.

Q: Does K3 Note has LED notification light?

A: Yes, it does have LED Light for notification purpose.

Q: What is the free RAM available out of 2GB?

A: Around 1.2GB of RAM is available after the first boot.

Q: What is the free internal storage available on Lenovo K3 Note?

A: Out of 16GB around 10GB of internal memory is available for the user to install Apps and Games.

Q: Does the three navigation keys are backlit enabled?

A: No, the three touch capacitive buttons are not backlit enabled so it may be little touch to use in dark condition at earlier days.

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Q: Can we move Apps and Games to SD Card in Lenovo K3 Note?

A: Yes the few part of the data can be moved to Micro SD Card but not the whole data.

Q: How is the gaming performance? Can we play High-end games?

A: The performance of the phone is good without any lags and the HD games like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 are highly playable.

Q: How is the camera quality of the phone?

A: The 13MP rear camera takes some good shot and we will share the camera samples very soon.Also, the rear camera is capable of recording 1080p videos.

Q: Does the phone has any heating issue?

A: There is no such issue on normal usage. You can feel little warm while gaming

Q: Can we watch 1080p videos on Lenovo K3 note?

A: Yes, 720p and even 1080p videos can be watched in this phone without any lags.

Q: Can we use two whatsApp account on K3 Note?

A: Yes, two WhatsApp can be used.

Q: Does the phone runs on the Android Lollipop?

A: Yes, it has the latest version of Android with Vibe UI on the top.

Q: what is the Sim type of Lenovo K3 note? does it support 4G LTE?

A: Both the SIMS are Micro SIM variant.The first SIM Supports 4G/3G/2G and the second SIM supports 3G/2G.

Q: How to close the recent or the running Apps in K3 note?

A: Here is the guide to close the background Apps in this phone.

Q: Can we remove the battery of the phone?

A: Yes, the battery is user removable in K3 note.

Q: What is the SAR value of the phone?

A: The SAR value for Lenovo K3 Note is 1.590 W/Kg (head) and 0.688 W/Kg (body). The value is close to the limitation (1.6 W/Kg) in India and so the phone is not recommended who make lots of phone calls.

Q: What are the colors available to buy in India?

A: As of now only black color variant is available in India. We also asked the company about the yellow and the white back panel availability and we will update on the same.

Q: How to buy the Lenovo K3 Note?

A: The phone can be bought only at Flipkart and not available offline. You can register for the phone here and the first sale is on 8th July at 3 PM. You can also use the below link to buy the phone. If you have any further queries about Lenovo K3 Note then like our FB page here and comment them below. We will cover them in the review of K3 Note Soon.

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  1. Many has said camera quality is poor, Is it true? Regarding the high SAR value if i attend the calls using headset then it is ok right?

    • The Camera is not that bad it is average and even good in many shots.I will post the camera samples tomorrow so stay subscribed 🙂 There is no serious problem with SAR Value but still you can use headset when you are talking for hours without any gap.

      • Can I use a headset with a helmet if I want to talk for hours? Will that protect me from radiation? I will keep the phone about two metres away.

  2. I Have a headset, which has a 3.5mm Jack, But the matter of the fact is that It doesn’t fit properly in k3 note, But the headset works properly with all other device, Can u pls advice me what should I Do about it ???

  3. A headset is not provided with k3 note, And any other headset is not fit in the jack properly
    recomend me the best headset for this phone at budget price.
    And is i get a faulty phone with faulty audio jack ???

  4. I have tried several 3.5mm jack headphones, but none of the fit properly into the audio jack. Did I get a faulty product? If not recommend me a good headphone which will fit properly into the jack.

  5. which games can i play in k3note through game controller and i want the list of the games which i cam play through controller……plz

  6. Can I connect tata photon via otg cable to my k3 note. Plus does d online use n gaming mode harmful for d human body as per Indian Sar values.

  7. i m confused between lenovo killer note and asus zenphone 2 ze550ml (2gb) variant.
    Plz reply soon which one should i buy

  8. performance is bit laggy when it comes to high end games according to review given here.what typ of high end games? Can i play clash of clans widout lag?
    Also please tel what is the exact internal memory a user can use.

  9. How can I write to SD card using third party apps. As when I tried to enable write access from FX explore but didn’t work. Can u pls tell how can I write to SD card using any third party apss?

  10. K3note is a dam good smart phone , but battery back up is not good.
    Some one tell me how to vibration off on coming any message.
    This phone is vibrate on coming any message, and at this scenario what app message is come every minute and phone not support long battery life .

  11. K3 note is not recognizing usb otg connection automatically do I need to change any settings or is there some kingd of issue?

  12. My lenovo k3 note is not supporting clash of clans on mobile data but it supporting on wlan network. I want to set it on mobile data. Please help me.

  13. I purchased lenovo k3note in flipkart.I have a doubt.on battery lenovo brand name written differently(Lenovo).in google search I saw original is another one..which one is correct…?plz reply …

  14. in my lenovo k3 note when i uninstall any app then it goes delete automatically so please tell me how i can get that uninstalled apps return.
    Also applock is not working for my lenovo k3 note.

  15. i have a problem lenovo k3 note i.e, automatically light on and off even after locking the phone for that reason charging also drain out so please let me know the solution for it..

  16. In my lenovo k3 note clash of clan is not working in mobile data only working in wlan…why such problem??? It doesn’t have permission of mobile data network?

  17. I have a problem with the audio recording.there is some sort of distortion and vibration in the recorded voice making the quality extremely bad.I have even tried new apps for recording and still the problem exists.Please help me solve this problem,because i need the voice recorder to be perfect for my band practices,etc ,etc

  18. My K3 note is not working after removing of SD card , not even switch on. But it works when i install the same SD card the in the phone. So please suggest me to fix the same.

  19. Sir/madam
    I want to no regarding whether which power bank supports my Lenovo vibep1a42 which is supporting rocket charge which is fast charging feature in it wit support voltage on charger 5.2V-2A or 7V-2A or 9V-2A or 12V-2A.so I don’t understand regarding whether its Qualcomm 3.0 are 2.0 so i make decision to go with power bank supporting fast charging.so let me no regarding it. Which charger can be used for the model mobile in India wit 24w


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