Micromax YUREKA is the most hiked budget smartphone as of now.One of the special things about Yureka is its running CynogenMod Os.The phone is packed with high-end specifications for an affordable price.In this post, we will try to answer the some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Micromax YUREKA.The YUREKA comes with comes with 5.5 HD display.The phone is powered by 1.5GHz Octa-core with 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM.Here are the Micromax YUREKA FAQ and doubts answered.

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Micromax YUREKA FAQ and doubts answered

Micromax Yureka FAQ and doubts answered:

Q: What are the things you will get inside the box of Micromax Yureka?

A: Handset, Charger adapter, USB cable, Scratch Card, User manuals, headphones.Also, those customers who have registered for Yureka on the first day will get the genuine leather case for free.

Q: Does Micromax YUREKA comes with Corning Gorilla Glass?

A: Yes the phone is protected with Coring Gorilla Glass 3 and you will also get the free scratch card.

Q: Does YUREKA has LED notification light?

A: Yes, it has LED notification light for quick alert at glance.

Q: What is the free user available memory on Micromax YUREKA?

A: Around 12GB of internal memory is user available out of 32GB. It also supports 32GB of Micro SD card.

Q: How much free RAM available after the first boot.

A: Around 1.28 GB od RAM is free our of 2GB after the first boot of Micromax Yureka.

Q: What is the Size of Sime card slots?

A: Both the Sim slots supports Micro Sim.The first Sim is 4G supported while the second Sim is 3G supported.

Q: How many service centers are allocated for Micromax YUREKA?

A: Micromax is promised for doorstep service or replacement.You can just make a call to service center and they will come and pick the phone for service purpose at free of cost.

Q: Can we root YUREKA and does it voids warranty ?

A: No, the rooting of your phone won’t void your warranty for first one year of purchase.

Q: Can we move Apps and games to Micro SD card in YUREKA?

A: yes, but you can’t move the full App data to the SD card.Read more here.But you can still store your images and media files on SD card.

Q: Does Micromax YUREKA support OTG?

A: Yes, you can connect pen drives and joysticks to Yureka through an OTG cable.

Q: how is the gaming performance? can we play HD games?

A: Yes, Micromax Yureka supports HD games like Asphalt 8, NFS most wanted, Vice City, GTA without ant issues.

Q: How is the battery backup?

A: The only con of the Yureka is battery.But it still last for one single day at moderate use.

Q: Does Micromax YUREKA has Wifi direct?

A: Yes, it has WiFi direct feature for sharing files.

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Q: How to buy Micromax YUREKA?

A: You have to register to get eligible for the sale at  Amazon.The first sale starts on December 13th.It is the Flash sale same like Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Q: will Micromax YUREKA get the Android 5.0 lollipop update?

A: Yureka runs on CynogenMod OS and there is a high chance of getting CynogenMod OS customised with Android Lollipop 5.0.

Q: Does Yureka has On Screen buttons?

A: It has both physical touch button as well as On-Screen Navigation button.You can switch between these two in options.

Note: If you are failed to register for Micromax YUREKA, use this link to subscribe to the Yureka.You may be eligible to make a purchase on January 13th

Here we have answered some of the Micromax YUREKA FAQ and doubts.If you still have any doubts please leave them on the comment section below.

Update: If you have not booked the YUREKA at first sale don’t worry.The next sale is on January 22nd at 2PM.



  1. I use Google sky in my phone . this app depends on the magnetic sensor which is there in my phone . Apparently google sky needs magnetometer for it to work properly.

    Yureka doesnt have magnetometer.

    Will google sky work on it.

    please find out .

  2. Hi! I desperately want to know can we select the default storage disk in yu yureka or switch between internal storage & external microsd card storage,more clearly say can the apps and games be directly installed on external sd? how can the apps and apps data be moved to external sd?is the option move to sd available?plz. clarify this ,i’m very much confused,this is a must issue for me,you say it is not possible to move the full app data,that means?plz.help me out,your reply will decide whether i’ll go for this mobile or not,plz.plz.plz. reply me ASAP.

  3. where is whatsapp media stored in yureka ??? internal or external ??? and if internal is there any way we can start storing media in sd [except cut paste] ??

  4. i just using past 2 days any one tell me how to activate WiFi in my yureka mobile. authentication problem will i connect wifi so please help me to solve

  5. what is the internal memory for app installation. I mean some phones gives 8gb or 16gb internal memory but for app installation the gives around 800mb to 1.2gb. can you please clarify that. thank you

  6. Does it have LED Notification Light which the light blinks when an message comes…
    If it has LED notification light then what are the colours RED GREEN & BLUE

  7. when I call or receive a call the screen goes blank I cannot disconnect the call in both the cases… please let me know any settings to be changed? or is that the defect ?

    • Initially mine was also similar problem, I struggled lot for dis one..
      But after updating my mobile it solved to an extent of 99% ..
      It is a proximity sensor problem which is mounted on ur phones top dat is beside to led light..
      U can install proximity sensor app and check whether it working or not, or u dial *#*#7769#*#* on ur dial padpad then it will show pop up calibration then press start button….
      Or else u upgrade ur yureka to new version…
      One of the 3 ways would help u

  8. How to save or share images from facebook to other apps or to sd Card there is no options coming while selecting images

  9. i have yuroka mobile newone,today i try to move some movable application to SD card but it is not moved,even there is no movable option on clicking,please guide me

  10. Can we move app from internal to sd through link2sd tool.
    If instaling nfs how much data wil be on sd and internal . (out of 2gb)
    how to root yureka send me steps and root file

  11. in yureka without magnetometer weather goggle maps/navigation works properly and do we option to set preferred location for storage to SD card

  12. when I call or receive a call the screen goes blank I cannot disconnect the call in both the cases… please let me know any settings to be changed? or is that the defect ?

  13. How to transfer apps and audio to SD card in micromax yureka and I want to know about default storage selection

  14. Hi,
    I want change my Yureka charger because it is reducing my battery instead of increasing when i charging my phone. Please advise how can i change my charger.

    I purchased Yureka before 3 months and from when i updated my android version, i am facing very problems like some time screen going on blank and also i cant access my phone for half and full day then it is automatics comes in normal mode.
    Please advise what should i do for this condition.

        • My yureka phone initially it shows weather in home screen..nowadays it doesn’t show on home screen,though I conveyed my location which in place for enter the location with internet connection.. Pls help me to get weather in home screen .kindly give me instructions

  15. How can i unmount USB drive connected through OTG cable in YU Yureka after getting cynogen 12 OS – Android lollipop 5.0 ………………………………..its not same ike unmounting OTG USB drive in Yureka working with android kitkat 4.4 cynogen 11….pls tell me

  16. How can i unmount USB drive connected through OTG cable in YU Yureka after getting cynogen 12 OS – Android lollipop 5.0 ………………………………..its not same ike unmounting OTG USB drive in Yureka working with android kitkat 4.4 cynogen 11….pls tell me
    i am waiting for someone to reply

  17. when edting a photo, my yureka shows unable to connect . some editing tools unabailable.
    then only three option work , auto,crop, and rotate..
    plz anyone tell me why dont work another option..

  18. Hey after the lollipop upgrade I am not able to delete or rename my files .its showing root permission is missing…. What should I do now..plz help…..

  19. Micromax Yureka do OTG support however when trying to transfer the files from Phone or SD card to OTG pendrive, it is giving an error i.e. The Operations requires elevated permissions. Try changing to Root Access mode.
    How can we set the permissions?
    Please anybody suggest me how can I transfer any file from Phone, SD card to OTG pendrive.

  20. Gta Vice City not starting on my micromax yu yureka after lolipop update…can anyone tell how to fix it?

  21. I connect my yureka to pen drive through USB cable but there is nothing happen. It is not shows the USB. Can u please help me…..

  22. Hi…

    how can i change default storage to SD card for downloading songs, images & videos

    please suggest me to solve this issue….. 🙁

  23. On my yureka inbuilt file manager doesn’t show pendrive when i connect to it however when i remove it notifications comes saying. ” sd card removed. Insert a new one. ”
    Note that my phone support dual pendrive but that was on kitkat.
    Presently i have lollipop and don’t have a dual pendrive….. Please please help

  24. Sir, I am presently using Micromax Yureka but it has issues with its external SD memory cards.My class 6 strontium memory card is corrupted in it. Someone remarks that only class 10 memory cards are compitable with it. Please guide me what should I do

  25. When I was coping data from phone to pen drive I use get error message that try changing root assess what is that how to do it please give me replay

  26. i am confused between yureka plus and Lenovo K3 note. Can you please clarify the following?
    1. Whether both sim slot supports 4g? Can I toggle network between 2 sims to enjoy 4g/3g from both sims? Which phone supports the feature?
    2. Lenovo K3 note camera is very average but yureka is truly exceptional . Is that so?
    3. There is heating issue in yureka after playing games but it is not so in K3
    4. K3 processor is miles ahead of yureka (eg in Antutu it is 45000 vs 35000 for yureka)
    5. SD card support in K3 is 64 GB wheras in Yureka plus it is only 32 GB.
    6. Number of sensors is more in K3 than yureka plus . Is it a significant factor?
    7. Which is better for rooting and experimenting with custom roms?

    • first long press the data you want to move or copy. You will get a tick mark(√) on your data.
      now go to the your desired location.
      press options. you will see an option ‘move selection here’.
      select the option and bob’s your uncle!

  27. At present I’m having cynogen 11.0-XNPH05Q OS version and I haven’t updated to lolipop.
    I’m unable to find the option to move my data from internal storage to SD card( class 10).
    Can you please help me in doing that would be great full.

  28. My mobile yureka while updating to lpllipop5.1.1 today mobile data was stopped then it was showing nothing but cyanogen recovery what can I doo

  29. i moved all my pics in sd card with folder naming as pix . after wards the images are like not eve present in my phone no app shows them as in facebook upload nor even the default app given as gallery shows a of the pics. what should i do to solve it .even when i open the folder from es file explorer it only shows cast as an option no option to use it as wallpaper or else.cant just move all my pix @local storage its about 4gb in space. can you do something re guarding this.??

  30. All my contacts are being saved only in google account neither in sim storage nor in phone storage in my Yureka Plus…
    It is not showing any option for contact saving location…
    what to do for getting options????

  31. in my phone even the feather touch many photos snapped at a time, and if i delete the same, after one to two days all came back to gallery, Is there any setting problem, pl. guide me.

  32. How to unmount SD card in 5.0 plz help me someone ,now it is not working in my phone .how to slove this problem plz help me some body


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