Moto G(2nd Gen) is already launched in Flipkart and many people ask me what are the new specification changes of Moto G(2nd Gen) from Moto G? Motorola has made few changes which are marked as the drawback of Moto G.I also mention that Moto G won’t be available anymore as Moto G(2nd Gen) has launched as it’s successor model.There are many changes in terms of hardware, screen size, camera, battery and the price. Here is the difference between Moto G(2nd Gen) and Moto G.

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New specification changes of Moto G(2nd Gen) from Moto G



SpecsMoto GMoto G(2nd Gen)
Display4.5 inch Full HD 720×1280 pixels5 inch Full HD 720×1280 pixels
Processor1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad core processor1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad core processor
Camera5  MP Rear camera with flash, 2 MP front camera8  MP Rear camera with flash, 2 MP front camera
Internal Memory8 GB and 16 GB, No SD card support16 GB with 32 GB expandable SD card support
OSAndroid Kitkat 4.4.4Android Kitkat 4.4.4
Battery2070 mAh2070 mAh
Price12499 INR,13999 INR12999 INR


New specification changes of Moto G(2nd Gen) from Moto G:


Display: Both of these mobiles don’t have any huge changes, they just differ a little.In terms of display, Moto G comes with 4.5 inch  Full HD screen and the new Moto G 2nd generation comes with  5  inch HD display.Both these mobiles have 720×1280 pixels resolution.

Camera:: The new Moto G(2nd Gen) camera comes with 8 MP rear camera with LED flash whereas the previous Moto G has only 5 Mp camera.Both these mobiles have 2 Mp front-facing camera.

SD card support: One of the main disadvantage of Moto G is its limited storage as they don’t have SD card support.But the new Moto G(2nd Gen) have 16 GB of internal memory and also up to 32 GB of expandable SD card support.

Design: In the matter of Design both Moto G and Moto G (2nd Gen) looks similar.The only difference they with Moto G 2nd generation is its speaker is placed at front same like Moto E design.

Price: The price of the Moto G(2nd Gen) is 1000 rupees lesser when compared to the old Moto G 16 GB version.

FAQ: Can we move the app and game to SD card in Moto G (2nd Gen)?

The answer is yes.You can move the games and Apps to SD card, but not the whole thing, only the little part of it will be moved not the entire game data.Read more herehere




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