These days at least one new Smartphone gets launched in Indian on every day. Most of the smartphones comes with the Non removable battery which are sealed inside the phone. Be it Flagship smartphone, Midrange smartphone or even Android phones below 7,000 Rs have inbuilt non removable battery. Many people think a lot before buying phones with non-user removable battery. The main reason for this confusion is they wonder how to restart Android phones with non removable battery. What can be done when the phone gets hanged or freezed. This is the major fear with most of the buyers but doesn’t worry there is an easy way to restart the phone with the non-removable battery when it gets hanged. So here is the guide about How to restart Android Phones with Non removable battery.

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How to restart Android Phones with Non removable battery

The non removable batteries are mainly used to make your battery safe from the water or liquid drops. This is the reason why every waterproofed smartphone comes with sealed battery.

Sometimes your Android phones would be hanged when you are playing games or while doing some multi-tasking. If you face this situation and cannot remove your battery out of the phone to restart it, don’t  panic relax.This is the one of the non removable battery disadvantages. Here is the easy way to restart Android Phones with Non removable battery.

First of all when the phone gets hanged or freezed, don’t give too many inputs and make the situation even worse. Place the phone on the table and wait for few minutes for the phone to get back to normal condition. Even after sometimes if the phone does not get back to normal condition then follow this guide.

To restart the phone when it gets hanged just perform a soft reboot. Just Press and hold the power button and volume buttons simultaneously. The combination of buttons is different for different mobile models so it is advisable to press and hold all three buttons.

Once you press and hold the buttons at least for 10 seconds the screen will go blank. After that, you will feel little and the phone will restart automatically. That’s it now you are good to go to use your Smartphone again. This guide to restart Android Phones with non removable battery is even same for Windows Phones and iPhones. If you ever wondered can we replace or put a new battery on the phone with Non removable battery phone then the answer is Yes. You can replace the new battery on your phone by taking it to the nearer service center. But never try to replace or open the battery by yourself, it will void your phone’s warranty. For more How-to and tricks posts, follow us on  FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.


  1. Im using an 0+ 8.96 and i always bring it to a repair shop…almost 4x…& here it is again…hanged…what is the best way that i myself will do…it always stopped the apps then hanged…

  2. hello sir I am using vivo y 51 L cellphone
    that mobile fell inside water few months ago but i tried to switches on by pressing volume +button as well as switched off button ,but its not switching on ever. I love this cellphone because it will not hangup while install more than 80/apps.and I have lenovo cellphone that mobile was not switching on from 2/days but this trick well worked of using vol + button and switched off button I’m satisfied with this cellphone but y not vivo cellphone can u fix solutions for switches on .waiting for u solutions

  3. Thank you so much
    This page helped me restart my samsung j5 prime mobile which got stuck while upgradation process
    I thought of going to service centre
    But you saved me the pain
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hi…so I tried the pressing combinations but my phone won’t restart or go off. It’s been frozen for almost 24 hours now, a Samsung A7 …


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