One of the features I have been waiting for long was to send the GIF animated image in the WhatsApp. The wait is now over, you can send the GIF format image in WhatsApp and also mention people in the WhatsApp group. All you need to have is the latest version of WhatsApp which you can download here. As of now this feature is only available in Android and IOS operating system.

Update: Now invite people to join WhatsApp group 

Earlier we had an update to reply to the specific message and now you can even mention the members on the groups just like FaceBook and Twitter. All you have to do is to type the @ symbol and WhatsApp will show you the list people available in the group and you can choose from them. You can mention more than one member for a single message. As of now WhatsApp does not send any separate notification when you are mentioned in the WhatApp group. But you can expect this feature added in the next update just like Facebook notification for the mentions.

Even when you have muted some groups and someone mentioned you in the group message, you will get notification from the muted group. This is one of the best WhatsApp features so that you won’t miss any important messages. Also clicking on the mentioned link will take you to the member’s profile.

Another major update we got is the ability to send and receive the animated GIF format image in WhatsApp messages. So How to send and receive GIF images in WhatsApp?  First of all, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp which can be downloaded from the link mentioned above. Next, you can send the GIF image just like sending the usual image by tapping the attachment icon and selecting the GIF file. It is good to see WhatsApp is adding new features often for the better conversion and we would see the WhatsApp video call feature very soon.


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