One of the biggest let down in the WhatsApp is that it don’t have any support for sending document files like Doc, PDF, XMl. So this leads many of us to use Hike and Telegram where we can send and receive document files. But this is not going to be the same anymore. Yes! you guessed it right, WhatsApp has added the feature to send and receive the document files in its latest WhatsApp update. Being a student I used to share lots of documents (Class Notes) and this new feature is going to be really useful.

Now Send and receive Decuments like PDF in WhatsApp

How to Send & receive Documents like PDF in WhatsApp

First of all, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed in your phone. This update is not rolled out to most of the user but it will available to everyone soon. But still don’t worry, you can manually download this latest build of WhatsApp and check out this awesome feature.

Download and install the WhatsApp version 2.12.493 from here.

Now Send and receive Decuments like PDF in WhatsApp

Now Send and receive Decuments like PDF in WhatsApp

Now open any of the conversation and tap the attachment menu, you will notice the new menu called ” Document”.

Please note that even your friend needs to update his/her WhatsApp in order to receive the document file. But still what is the maximum file size that can be shared is unknown 😛

This update is also available for iPhone IOS users but sadly not available yet for the Windows Phones user. Recently WhatsApp also released an update to add 256 members in WhatsApp group. For more news and tutorials, follow us on  FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.


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