Here are the 10 top MacBook Pro tips and tricks you should know in 2018. In case you have shifted from windows to MacOs or you are completely new to MacBook Pro then this post is just for you. These MacBook Pro tips and tricks are for beginners and do not contain any advanced hidden tricks.

MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks 2018

  1. Split Screen

2. Create a new text file

3. Custom folder image

4. Closing Application

5. Emoji Keyboard shortcut

6. Spotlight search

7. Force Quit

8. Multiple Screens

9. Unlock MacBook with fingerprint

10. Uninstalling Apps

Split Screen

The first tip on the list is the split screen. Enabling the split screen makes your multitasking easy. Just click and hold the green resize icon and drop the windows in the highlighted area. now select another App to multitask side by side.

Create a new text file

Consider you are browsing and want to take note of some key points. You don’t need to copy the text, create new word file and paste the text. You just need to select the text, drag and drop it to the desktop. The new word file will be created automatically. Simple right?

Custom folder image

You can set the custom image to your folder. To do it, just open the image you want to set and click “cmd + A” to select the image. Now copy the image using “cmd + C”. Right-click the folder and select get info option. Now click on the little folder icon and click “cmd + v”. The folder icon will be changed.

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Closing Application

In windows, you can close Application by just pressing Alt+F4. But in MacOs some App will be running in the background. To close every opened Application, just click “cmd + Tab” and click “cmd + Q” to close an application.

Emoji Keyboard shortcut

In case you are writing some document and you want to insert emoji, you don’t need to copy emoji from somewhere and paste it. Just press “control + Cmd + Space”. The emoji window will open and you can select the emoji from it.

Spotlight search

If you are multitasking and you need to open some document then you don’t need to minimize the windows and open Application. All you need to do is just press “cmd + space” and type the application name and open it. This is the handy tool.

Force Quit

If the Application is not responding then you can just close an application by just pressing “Alt + Ctrl + Del ” in windows. In Mac Os, press “cmd + option + Esc” and force quit the App.

Multiple Screens

You can create multiple screens in MacOs which make multitasking easy. To do it swipe up using three fingers and press the + icon in the top right corner. You can switch between multiple screens by swiping right or left with three fingers.

Unlock MacBook with fingerprint

The next tip on the list is how to unlock your MacBook Pro with your Android phone fingerprint scanner. I made a separate tutorial on it. Check out the video below.

Uninstalling Apps

The last tip on the list is uninstalling Apps. Unlike Windows, uninstalling Application in the MacOs is very easy. Just go to the Application folder, select the Application you want to uninstall. Now, just right click and select ” Move to trash” option or press “Cmd + Del”

So, guys, these are the top 10 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacOs tips and tricks for 2018. These tips and tricks can also be used as MacBook Air Tips and Tricks or any Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, MojaveComment below if you want a separate post on the advanced MacBook hidden tips and tricks.


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