Heavy Usage of your Smartphone(Android, IOS or Windows) would make your phone gets hanged or freezed.Sometimes the phone gets hanged for long time and they stop responding.These days Smartphones are getting launched with a non-removal battery so it is difficult to get rid of these situations. People get blank and have no idea when their Smartphone gets hanged or freeze.The touch stops responding and you cannot access your Smartphone anymore.The screen gets stuck and can not accessible anymore.If you are facing such situation then we are up with some tips to resolve them.Here is the some of the Ways to recover when the phone gets hanged or freeze.

Ways to recover when the phone gets hanged or freeze
Ways to recover when the phone gets hanged or freeze

Ways to recover when the phone gets hanged or freeze- Non Removable Battery

If you phone has removable battery then its so simple.Just remove the battery from the Smartphone, insert it again and restart your phone to start using it again.In case your phone does not have removable battery then follow the below-mentioned ways to fix your phone when it got hanged or freeze.

First of all don’t get tensed or make some fast moves when you face these types of situations.Just leave your Smartphone ideal for sometimes and check whether it gets fixed.

Try Switching off your phone by long pressing the power button.If your phone does not show any option to shutdown or reset then follow the next step.

If your phone is not getting restarted then try press and holding down Power Key+Volume up or Volume down ( differs for Android, Windows, and iPhones)

If nothing of the above-mentioned tricks works then try connecting your phone to Charger and it would fix the problem sometimes.These ways are tried individually by me whenever my phone gets hanged or freeze.I personally face this situation whenever I open too much of Apps and use the phone for long time without giving any rest to it.If you have any other new way or method to resolve this problem then please comment them below.For more tips and How to post, Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


  1. My phone had freezed about an hour back. I tried all of the tricks above, but nothing worked. What to do? Please help.
    I have a Panasonic Eluga Switch


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