Google inbox, you may hear this word often for past few days.Are you eager to know What is Google Inbox? well, here is the everything you should know about it.Inbox by Google is similar to Gmail which helps you make your inbox clean and up to date.The Google Inbox is a mobile app with latest material design of Android  Lollipop 5.0.It has three main parts bundles, highlights and remainder and these three make Google Inbox.As of now the app is only available for Android and IOS and not available for Windows yet.You must install and activate you account on mobile app first  before using the web version.The sad part of the Google Inbox is you can join only by an invite system.

What is Google Inbox? Everything you should know
What is Google Inbox? Everything you should know

What is Google Inbox?

Bundle: Bundle is the place where you can get all your messages.It is neatly designed and it contains details of Promos, purchases, Travel and what you create your own.Promo shows all the promo mails you get at one place in a very simple manner with thumbnail.Purchases tab show the details of  purchases you made, their tracking details etc.Travel has the details about your flight timing, hotels you are booked for.You can also create an own bundle of your choice.

Highlights: Highlights is similar to Google now where you get updates on everything you want.You can view the highlights without even opening the mail.

Remainder and Snooze: create a to-do list with reminder and get your thing done.The remainder helps you by providing the information you need.Example: If you set remainder for “want to go to the hotel nearby” the remainder will provide the phone numbers of hotel nearby.Also, you can snooze the reminder or the messages of your choice.just click the choose option and select the timing of your choice.


What is Google Inbox? Everything you should know
What is Google Inbox? Everything you should know

How to get Google Inbox Invite?

As mentioned above the sad part about Inbox by Google is its invite system.There are two ways through which you can join the Google invite

1.Ask for your friend to invite you who is already registered with Google inbox

2.Request an invite to GMail team by sending the mail to this address

Also, if you need an invite drop your mail id in the comment box below and we would invite you if we get any invites.



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