Xiaomi will always have an interesting featured smartphone  at the affordable price range.Reports say Xiaomi is planning for a Leadcore powered Smartphone with 4G LTE support.The interesting part here is, this unnamed Xiaomi Android phone could be priced around 4000.Earlier this week we had a leaked images of upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 and the rumored Specification of it.Xiaomi invested in a Leadcore chipset and the upcoming Xiaomi Smartphones would be powered by Leadcore Chipsets.

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Xiaomi Leadcore powered 4G Smartphone could be priced 4000

Xiaomi Leadcore powered 4G  Smartphone around 4000 rupees:

The chinese website mydrivers leaked the Specifications of this unnamed Xiaomi Leadcore 4G Smartphone.According to the leak, the upcoming Smartphone could have 2k LCD  HD display  with 720p pixels resolution.The Xiaomi phone will be powered by 2GHz Cortex Leadcore processor and 1GB of RAM.It also has MaliT628 GPU for smooth and better gaming performance.As per the Leak the Xiaomi Leadcore Android Smartphone camera can record 720p videos at 120fps and 1080p videos at 60fbs.The phone is expected to runs on Android Kitkat 4.4 with customized MIUI.This Xiaomi Leadcore powered 4G LTE phone is likely to be priced around 399 YUAN  which is around 4000 India rupees and 65 US dollars $.If the pricing and the Specification of the device then this could be one of the best Android smartphone below 5000.

Xiaomi upcoming Leadcore powered Smartphone rumored Specs
  •  2k LCD  HD display
  • 720p pixels resolution
  • 2GHz Cortex Leadcore processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1080p video recording support
  • 4G LTE

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