This is the great news for all WhatsApp group admins and awesome news for me as well. The biggest problem of handling a WhatsApp group is that you can add more than 100 members in the group. I personally have a WhatsApp group for this blog (Gadget Gossip) and I get lots of request to add them in the group. Since the WhatsApp group limit is only 100, I have created more than two group and I find myself very difficult while maintaing it. But its not the same anymore. Yes! Now you can add more than 100 members in WhatsApp group and WhatsApp had officially extended the group member limit to 256 members. Here is the guide to add more than 100 members in the WhatsApp group.

How to add more than 100 members in WhatsApp group

First of all, the update is not rolled for everyone yet. So you can wait for the official OTA update for this feature or you can install the new version of WharsApp manually.

Download the WhatsApp Version 2.12.437 from here.

After downloading the Apk file, uninstall the WhatsApp on you phone.( Make sure u have the backup of your messages)

Now, install the new version of WhatsApp which you have downloaded.

Now go to any group and you will notice that the member limit is mentioned as 256 and not 100. But updating to this version of WhatsApp you will also get some new sets of WhatsApp smileys and emoji .

Note: To add the members in WhastApp group, you must be the admin of the group. Also, other members who dont have the latest version of WhatsApp can see only 100/100 members. Now you can have 256 members in each WhatsApp group and its a great news for school or college groups which will have more number of members.


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