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Aircon Watch : The first personal AC watch to regulate body temperature

How cool will it be if you can carry your Air Conditioner along with you? Well, it is no longer a dream. Meet Aircon Watch, the World’s first personal AC watch. The Aircon Watch can able to regulate your body temperature by keeping you cold or even warm. A Hongkong based Startup is running a campaign on the Kickstarter which already raised HK$ 1,800,231. You can backup the project for HK$623 which is less than 100$. Imagine you are in a room and you feel very hot and the person next to you feels cold and doesn’t watch to turn ON the AC. Aircon Watch can solve this issue by changing your body temperature and keel yourself hot or cold.

Aircon Watch : The first personal AC watch to regulate body temperature

How does Aircon watch work?

Wondering how does the Aircon watch works? Here is the explanation from their team. Aircon watch changes the signal that our nervous system sends to the brain to generate pulses of warm or cold.

The Aircon watch has the tiny device on the strap which makes contact with your inner wrist. This device alters the pulse signal that your nervous system sends to your brain.The device uses the ClimaCon technology and the watch can be used at any temperature and at any place.

If you are wondering whether the Aircon Watch would cause any side effects or health issues, the Aircon team claims that they have tested the device to an extreme and also consulted with Doctors to make sure it doesn’t cause any health issues. Here is the product video of Aircon Watch

The Aircon Watch is expected to ship starting from December 2017. You can back up the project and support them here. Also, please make purchases at your own risk and we don’t guarantee from our side. To know more cool gadgets like this make sure to follow us on  FaceBookTwitter, and Instagram.

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