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Android M features which were announced at Google I/O 2015

Google announced Android Lollipop 5.0 last year and its really super fast to introduce the next version of Android ie Android M. At Google I/O 2015 which happened at Moscone Center has introduced the next Android version.Though the Android M doesn’t look fresh and new from Android L, it packs some of the improved features and functionality.Surely Android M will have some good features and giving us some reason to update to the latest Verison of Android Operating System.Though some of the features of Android M was listed in the Keynote, the name is still kept secret and Google want us to keep guessing for few more months.As soon the announcement, the developer preview of Android M is already available for lasted Nexus devices.So here are the some of the Android M features which were announced at Google I/O 2015.

Android M features which were announced at Google I/O 2015

Android M features which were announced at Google I/O 2015

Top 5 Android M features

Fingerprint Scanner Support

Google finally made it available for Android.Through this feature, the Apps or games can use the universal API of fingerprint Scanner to enable some creative functionality.The developers can now make full use of the fingerprint scanner available on some devices.Also, we could except that the new Flagship Smartphones will surely sport the Fingerprint scanner after this feature.

Android Pay

Do you remember Google Wallet? and similarly Android Pay is the updated version of it to compete Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The Android Pay will make use of the Fingerprint scanner to make payments easily and it acts as the virtual Credit or debit card.Over 700,000 retails shops will support this feature when Android M release this fall.

Doze ( Batter Battery)

Battery backup is always the serious problem for Android devices or any other Smartphones.Google has come up with better solution to this problem through a feature called “DOZE” in Android M.This feature will use a special sensor to tell the device when the device is not active and turns off the background Apps.The background Apps will be kept off until you use your phone again and thus giving a better battery backup.Google said that they have got doubled battery life as the result of the test with this feature on their device.

Google Now “On tap”

Google always had a special consideration when it comes to search especially with Google Now for Smartphones.Now, Google Now ” On tap” is the next level of Google Now available on Android M. So how does it work? Suppose if you are using Facebook App and you can double-tap the Home button and ask “Who founded it?” It will answer “Mark Zuckerberg” understanding you are indicating Facebook.It’s as simple as that.

App Permission

Earlier it would list the App Access and permissions when you download the App from the Play store.Now, with Android M you can limit the access permission to the certain Apps similar to the CyanogenMod feature.Suppose if you are using WhatsApp and it will ask your permission to use it.You can Allow or Deny it and this feature ensures the batter security towards some suspicious Apps.

These are some of the Major feature or the changes we noticed on Android M.Still there are many other little changes available which makes Android M sweeter than the Android L version. Some of the other Android M features are Auto App backup, batter text selection, addition language support, better volume controls and more.For more updates on Android M,  Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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