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Apple Card, Credit Card by Apple- Everything You Need To Know

Apple launched its own Credit card at Apple’s “show time” services event today. The Apple card is set to change the experience you shop with your credit card. Apple partnered with Goldman Sachs to launch its very own Mastercard credit card. If you do not know What is Apple card is, then here is everything you need to know right from how Apple credit card works to how to apply for it.

What is Apple card?

Apple card is a credit card from Apple which you can use like your regular credit card. But the Apple card has many more functionality and benefits than your regular credit card.

How does the Apple credit card works?

Apple card works like every other credit card. You can use your phone to pay wherever Apple Pay is accepted. There is also a physical titanium Apple card which can be used at the placed where is Apple pay not available yet.

How to activate or apply for Apple Card?

Activating or applying for new Apple Card is very easy. All you need to do is just open the Wallet App on you iPhone and signup for new Apple card account.

Where can I use my Apple card?

The Apple card can be used in every place where the Apple Pay is accepted. You can even use the Apple physical card where the Apple Pay is not accepted.

What is the interest rate on the Apple credit Card?

Apple promises for the lowest interest rate than every other available credit cards and also say there are no hidden fees, annual fees or even a late fees.

How can I track my Apple credit card spending?

You can track your spending on your Wallet App with clear spending graph. You can check all your transaction at one place and Apple even uses the location and AI to keep a note on exactly at what store you have used your card.

How can I track my Apple credit card spending?

What is Apple Daily Cash?

Apple Daily cash is the reward program where you get real cash backs daily instead of reward points. Whenever you use the Apple card, you will get 2% daily cash and 3% daily cash when used to buy Apple products. Also, you will get 1% daily card when Apple physical card is used.

What is the eligibility and credit limit for the Apple Credit card?

Every user who has Apple pay account is eligible for Apple Card. But there is no information about the credit limit yet.

How do I pay my Apple Credit card bill?

You can simply open the wallet App on your iPhone and pay your outstanding amount through online payment mode.

Can the Android users get the Apple Card?

No, As of now you will need Wallet App to create an account which is available only on iPhones.

How to get Apple Physical Card?

Every Apple Card account holders will receive the physical credit card which is made out of Titanium. There is no Credit card number, CCV, Expiry date printed on the card. All this information will be stored directly on your iPhone.

How to get Apple Physical Card?

Is the new Apple credit card secure?

Apple say that the Apple card is completely safe and requires Face ID or Touch ID and a one-time unique dynamic security code to make a transaction. Also, they dont track your transaction location and what you have purchased.

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