PUBG Mobile is bringing 6 hours per day play limit in India

PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ) is one of the top downloaded game in Play store and it is one of the most addictive game as well. We could see lots of news regarding PUBG addiction and even caused some death. This issue made the government restrict PUBG to certain regions in India.To address this issue and to avoid a complete ban in India, PUBG is now testing 6 hours play limit…
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How to move WhatsApp to SD Card [2019]

How to move WhatsApp to SD Card? This is the most frequent question that I receive in my inbox. Many of us want to move WhatsApp to SD Card or at least the WhatsApp media because of the limited internal storage. WhatsApp is one of the famous cross-platform mobile messaging…
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How to Delete a Page in Word easily (Any version)

If you are preparing your word document and do not know how to delete a page in word, then this article is for you. Microsoft do not have a delete page option in MS Word which would have been very handy but there are simple easy work around to delete pages. These step works…