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How to call record using Truecaller in Android & IOS

In a recent update, Truecaller, the widely recognized call identification platform, has announced the return of its voice call recording feature. Initially available for Android and iOS users, the feature is currently accessible to those enrolled in the Premium Connect, Assistant, or Premium Family plan. Initially, this feature is being launched in selected markets, such as the United States.

How to call record using Truecaller in Android & IOS

Truecaller’s Approach to Call Recording for Android Users

Truecaller’s voice call recording feature is seamlessly integrated into the app for Android users. If you’ve made Truecaller your default calling app, you can begin recording directly from the dialer itself. Users who prefer third-party dialers will receive a prompt from Truecaller, enabling them to start call recording.

Call Recording on iOS: Truecaller’s Workaround

Recording calls on iOS can be tricky, as Apple’s policies do not permit any app to record calls directly. As a solution, Truecaller has innovatively allowed users to initiate a call through their app and merge both calls to begin the recording process. To prioritize user privacy, a beep sound will be audible to the other person on the call, indicating that the call is being recorded.

Call Recording Reinvented Through AI

This voice call recording feature, reintroduced with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is now accessible to premium users on both iOS and Android platforms. Back in 2018, Truecaller had launched this feature on Android but later had to discontinue it due to Google’s limitation on access to its Accessibility API.

As it might not be technically feasible to record calls ‘on-device’ using an app on both platforms, Truecaller opted for a recording line solution. This service, provided by cloud telephony providers, records the call in the cloud and delivers it to the user once the call concludes. Truecaller is currently rolling out this feature in the U.S., aiming to extend it globally for its 350 million users soon.

A Deeper Dive into Truecaller’s Recording Feature

Truecaller guarantees that this feature provides clear recording from both sides of the call. An added benefit is the summarized transcriptions of all call recordings, converting the audio into text using Large Language Model (LLM) technology. This transcription can be easily navigated within the app.

The app allows you to manage your recordings efficiently. You can listen to, rename, share, or delete recordings directly within Truecaller. For enhanced privacy, these recordings are stored locally on your device. iPhone users can back up all recordings in their iCloud storage, whereas Android users can choose to back them up on Google Drive.

Recording Calls with Truecaller: A How-to Guide

For Android users, the Truecaller dialer has a dedicated button for starting and stopping recording. If you prefer using another dialer, a ‘floating’ button will appear for the same purpose. Upon the call’s end, you will receive a push notification, alerting you to the recorded conversation’s availability.

Always mindful of privacy, Truecaller ensures that the person on the other end of the call hears a beep to indicate the call is being recorded, abiding by regulations in several countries.

In the near future, expect more enhancements from Truecaller, such as an AI-generated summary of the recording and a brief call title.

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