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How to Delete a Page in Word easily (Any version)

If you are preparing your word document and do not know how to delete a page in word, then this article is for you. Microsoft do not have a delete page option in MS Word which would have been very handy but there are simple easy work around to delete pages. These step works with any MS word versions Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016.

How to Delete a blank Page in Word

A new page is created in word whenever you reach the end line of the existing page. So there will be empty page even when you do not type any words in this page. The page will be part of the document and even displayed when projected in the screen. So, it is necessary to delete the page even if it is empty.

Method 1 : Using Backspace Key

Move to the empty page and use the backspace key on your keyboard until the empty page is deleted. This may not work for some users, in such cases use the method 2 mentioned below.

Method 2 : Using a show / hide paragraph mark option

  • Your Word page will look exactly like below image with an empty page at the end.
How to Delete a empty Page in Word
  • Now on the top of Home tap, enable the Show/ Hide Paragraph mark option.
  • Once this option is enabled, you will see the paragraph mark in every page like in the image below.
  • Now, place the cursor on the empty page and click on the delete button on the keyboard. The page will be now deleted.

How to Delete a non empty Page in Word

  • Similarly, you delete the non-empty page in word easily. Just select all the words on the page by click and dragging.
  • Now click backspace key or the delete key to delete all the words on the page.
  • Once all the words are deleted, press the delete key on the keyboard again and the page will be deleted.

This method to delete a page in work is same for both Windows and Mac OS and same in every version Microsoft MS Word.

If this method does work for you or having difficulty on deleting a page in word, then please leave them in the comment box below.

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