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How to enable Do Not Disturb on iPhone settings

Do Not Disturb on iPhone allows you to silent calls, messages, App notifications and other alerts when you are using your iPhone or even when your iPhone screen is off. You can use “Do Not Disturb” feature when you are in important meeting or when you do not want to get diverted by your phone notifications. There are couple of ways to enable Do Not Disturb on iPhone.

Enable Do Not Disturb on iPhone from Settings

  • To enable DND from setting on iPhone, unlock iPhone and open settings.
  • Now select Do Not Disturb option and toggle the bar to green to enable it.
  • Some of the Do Not Disturb iPhone settings are
    • Scheduled: You can schedule you DND time using this option by setting up the “From” and “To” time.
    • Bedtime: Bedtime option will dim your lock screen, silence your calls, and notifications will appear on your notification center.
    • Silence: This option will help you to decide when your iPhone should be on DND mode.
      • Always: Even when you are using it.
      • While iPhone is locked: Only when your iPhone is kept locked.
    • Allow Calls from: This option helps you decide whose call should be notified when your iPhone is on Do Not Disturb.
      • Everyone: Allows everyone’s call.
      • No One: Silences everyone’s call.
      • Favorites: Allows only calls of people you have marked favorite.
    • Repeated calls: The second call from the same person within three minutes will not be silenced.
    • Do Not Disturb while driving: You can activate this option
      • Automatically.
      • Manually.
      • When the iPhone is connected to car Bluetooth.
    • Auto Reply-To: Allows you to select whom you want to auto reply when someone contacts you as urgent. Also, you can set the auto-reply message which you want to send.

Note: All these Do Dot Disturb settings are common to all iPhone models like iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7,7s, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Enable Do Not Disturb on iPhone from control center

Enable Do Not Disturb on iPhone from control center

  • Swipe down from the top right corner on the latest version of IOS and swipe up from bottom on the older IOS version to access the control center.
  • Tap on the crescent moon icon to enable Do Not Disturb feature.
  • Also, you can long press the icon to access the different Do Not Disturb iPhone settings which are mentioned above.

Note : Do Not Disturb on iPhone does not silence your alarm. You will still hear your alarm sound even when your iPhone is in DND mode.

How to enable Do Not Disturb for one contact or person

You can hide alert from an individual person without getting any call or text notifications. This do not block the specific person, it just hides the alert you receive.

  • Select the iMessage thread of the person you want to hide.
  • Tap on the i button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now, toggle the Hide Alerts option to disable it and tap done.
  • Similarly, you can also swipe left the message thread and hide alert.

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So these are the some of the Do Not Disturb settings present on the iPhone which you can set according to your preference. If you have any more doubts then please leave them in the comment box below.

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