Whatsapp has become the most popular medium of contacting each other. More popular it becomes, the more risk it has. We have to secure WhatsApp account and keep our messages private. We share sensitive information, images, and videos with friends, family, and clients and we want those messages and information to be safe and secure. There are high chances of your WhatsApp account being hacked if you don’t secure it properly. Here are the few methods and steps to secure your Whatsapp account from being hacked and keep your messages private and secure.

How to secure WhatsApp account and your messages

Never click malicious links

Now WhatsApp is crowded with lots of falls information and false news. Some people even spread some malicious links which lead to exposure of your personal data and information to others. You may receive lots of messages and links saying “win free iPhone”, “Now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it with your favorite color.” These are some of the spam spreading very fast through WhatsApp groups. Never ever click these kinds of the spammy link and became the victim. Also, please double check the message and links are genuine before forwarding to anyone.

Enable Two-step verification

One of the recent WhatsApp update has brought the feature to enable the two-step verification in Whatsapp to ensure more security to the user. What exactly this two-step verification on Whatsapp do? This is the new security feature to enable the two-step authentication whenever you reinstall the Whatsapp or open the WhatsApp after a long gap. This is one of the main features I use to keep my WhatsApp account and messages safe and secure.

How to enable the two-step verification in WhatsApp?

To enable this security feature, go to WhatsApp Settings >Account>Two-step Verification.

Now enable the option and enter the security PIN and the backup email address.

You need to enter this PIN whenever you register your phone number with Whatsapp again or whenever it asks to.

Also, you can use this backup email id to reset your Security PIN in case you forgot it.

Enable End to end encryption

What is an end to end encryption? with end to end encryption enabled, third parties and even Whatsapp can’t access and read your personal conversation. By the update, the end to end encryption feature is enabled by default. You can also turn on the notification if your friend’s security code is changed. To enable it, go to settings>Account>Security and enable it.

Change privacy settings

We tend to keep our private photos as our Dp and share our personal information as stories as well. By changing some of the privacy settings we can ensure that our images and videos are safe and secure.

To change privacy settings go to settings>Account>Privacy and change the privacy settings according to your need.

You can secure your Whatsapp Stories from people you don’t want to share. To do it go to the status tab on your phone click on Menu>Status privacy and choose the option according to your need.

You can control who can see your WhatsApp stories/ status. You can set the option to “My Contacts”

My Contacts” – Only your contact can view your story/status.

My Contacts except” – you can blacklist some of your contacts from viewing your story/status.

Only Share with” – with this option you can select particular contacts who can see your story/status.

Log out of WhatsApp web

Whatsapp brings out Whatsapp web and standalone App for Chrome to use WhatsApp on your computer/laptop. You can click on the Whatsapp Web option on your Smartphone and scan the QR code to use WhatsApp on your PC or laptop. To secure your WhatsApp account make sure to logout of Whatsapp web when you don’t use it.

Use App Lock

Above all, it is advisable to use App Lock to secure your WhatsApp from friends or unknown people. There are many App locks available in Playstore or even you can also use the default App lock if it’s available on your Smartphone. It also prevents others from registering WhatsApp using your mobile number. Make sure to secure the OTP and verification messages from others.

Backup the messages

You can enable the backup the messages option to keep a copy of all your messages and media files. You can restore the backup messages whenever you reinstall the WhatsApp. To enable the backup option, go to Settings> Chats> Chat backup and set the option according to your need.

So these are the few methods and steps you can follow to keep your Whatsapp account and messages from being hacked. Also, if you know any other method to keep your Whatsapp messages, images and videos safe and secure please leave them in the comment below. If you find this post usefull then use the share buttons below to share this tutorial with your friends.


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