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How to speed up the lagging Android devices

Android devices whether it may be Smartphones or Tablets, it gets laggy and start hanging after few months usage or so.This is very common with the budget Android devices which get slow after some period of usage.But this is not permanent, we could speed up the device with some simple steps and tricks.You can try these simple steps when you feel your Android Smartphone or tablet is lagging or hanging a lot.This tutorial won’t make your device extremely fast, but it can speed up to some extent.Here are the some of the useful tips and ways to speed up the lagging Android devices.

How to speed up the lagging Android devices

How to speed up the lagging Android devices

How to speed up the lagging Android devices

Free the memory Storage

One of the simple way to make your Android Smartphone work faster is by clearing the internal storage.The phone starts to hang when the internal storage gets full.So it is advisable to free up the internal storage very often.Also, make sure that your memory card is not full.You can use Class 10 SD cards which makes the transactions of files very faster than other class Memory cards.But Some of the Apps like Facebook and Whatsapp can be only installed and stored in Internal memory which eats up lots of space.But here is the guide to move the WhatsApp media to SD Card.

Clear RAM

RAM is the important reason for your device lagging performance.When the RAM of the Android Smartphone or tablet is getting low, the device starts to lag a lot.The RAM is consumed more when you open or use too many Apps in the same time.So whenever the device starts to hang straight away use some third party Apps like Clean master or C Cleaner to clean up the RAM of your Smartphone and speed up your device.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Uninstall the Apps which you are not using anymore which could save the RAM and the memory of the phone.Also, delete the Cache and files of the uninstalled Apps.make sure you don’t use Live wallpaper which  consume lots of RAM.This simple trick will  speed up the lagging Android devices.

Disable the Screen Animation

Disabling the Screen Animation won’t do anything with the RAM and the optimisation of your phone.But it makes you feel that the device is performing really smooth.To disable the screen animation you have to enable the Developer option on you Android phone first.

To do it Go to Settings>About phone and tap the Build number option 7 times.Now you will get the message “You are now a developer”

Now you can see the developer option enabled in Settings.Go to Developer options and you can see Windows animation Scale, transition Scale and Animation duration Scale.

By default, the Animation Scale is 1x and you can make it as 0.5x or even you can choose Animation Off option.Now you won’t see any animation or transaction animation on your Android Smartphone and thus you may feel your device works fast.

By following some of the simple above mentioned tricks and ways, you can speed up the lagging Android devices.These ways are personally tested by me before writing down and it works extremely good for me.This tutorial will help the budget Android Smartphone or tablet owners to get rid of lag.Also, if you know any other ways to speed up the old or slow Android phones then please comment them below.For more tips and How to post, Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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