WhatsApp has been releasing new updates very often. With each update, they make sure to deliver some new feature and make the user experience even better. The new features are first available for Beta tester first, if you are not the Beta tester for the WhatsApp yet then you can signup here. This post will be the single place for all new WhatsApp updates. I will list the every new feature and the major changes made in the new update. I have also listed some of the oldest features which are rolled out earlier

WhatsApp update : New features and changes

Add multiple Admins in WhatsApp group

Earlier, there can be only one admin for each WhatsApp group.  Later WhatsApp rolled out an update to add multiple admins to a WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp had introduced a feature called WhatsApp Web to use the WhatsApp on PC or laptop browser.

Make Voice call in the WhatsApp

Back then there was only a chat option available on WhatsApp. Later WhatsApp has got a feature to make voice and video call.

Add 256 members in WhatsApp group

Earlier then you can only add up to 100 members to a WhatsApp group. Later they had rolled an update to add 256 members in WhatsApp group.

Send / Receive documents in WhatsApp

Now you can even send and receive documents like Pdf in WhatsApp.

Send GIF in WhatsApp

WhatsApp had rolled an update to enable the GIF support in the WhatsApp.

Two Step Verification

Now you can secure your Whatsapp account by enabling the two step verification on your WhatsApp.

Stories Support in WhatsApp

FaceBook also rolled an update to share stories to Instagram and WhatsApp which is similar to Snapchat.

Pin Chat in WhatsApp

With the latest update, you can now pin favorite chats in WhatsApp.

I will update this post with new features and changes made whenever they release new WhatsApp update. So make sure you bookmark this post.



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