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Why iPhone sucks?

Top reasons why iPhone sucks?

If you ask Anroid users why iPhone sucks? then these would reason he would say. Though iPhones are praised by everyone and many wants for owning one. But still iPhones are not efficient for the cost we provide and they still have some drawbacks. According to me, iPhone sucks and I have also listed some of the reasons below Why you should avoid buying it. I am not saying that iPhone are worst Smartphone, they are still premium Smartphone with their very own advantages. But there are some areas where are they to improve and overcome the term “iPhone sucks”. Here are the some of the main disadvantages of iPhone that you should notice buying spending lots of money on it.

Top reasons why iPhone sucks?

Top Reasons why iPhone Sucks?


One of the main reason for me to hate the iPhone is because of its battery life. Believe me not only a single model, almost every iPhone model sucks in battery life. I have seen many iPhone users keeping their brightness level very low and when I asked for the reason they said me ” Bro the battery won’t last longer”. Also, if you travel you need to carry the lighting cable along with you as you can’t use the standard USB port on the iPhone. Also, it has an inbuilt battery and yes most of the Android phones comes with an inbuilt battery these days.

Bluetooth and Syncing

Bluetooth is one of the great inventions which allow you to share content and files with others. It makes easy to share files, images with your friends who has the phone with Bluetooth feature. But it is not the same case with the iPhones. Though the iPhones has the Bluetooth feature it is not possible to share content with Android and windows users. The sharing is only possible within the Apple devices which is useless in most of the times. Another major drawback of the iPhone is the difficulty in syncing the songs and data. Unlike the Android and Windows phones, you can’t simply drag and drop the music to your storage. Rather you need an Apple specific software called “iTunes” to sync the songs and images to your iPhones which irritate most of the times.

Storage issue

iPhone storage issue - Why iPhone sucks

Unlike the Android devices, iPhones does not have the support for the expandable Micro SD Card. No iPhone model has the Micro SD Card slot and you have to depend only on the internal storage. You can choose between the storage variant like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB if you choose 64GB or 128GB its well and good but 16GB and 32GB storage will end up in lots of trouble. You cannot install too many Applications as the storage gets filled so quick.

Cannot backup and share Apps

One of the main advantages of Android Phone is that you can backup the Apps and Games and share it with your friends. But it is highly not possible on the Apple devices, you need to install the Apps and games every time in case you have formatted your phone or uninstalled the Application. So if you don’t have the internet then it is not possible to install the Application on your iPhone whereas we can share Apps in Android.


Sell kidney for iPhone- iPhone Sucks!

Forgot the all above-mentioned reasons not to buy an iPhone. Even if you are convinced with features and make a decision to buy an iPhone, the price of the phone makes you sad every time. We have seen many trolls for the iPhone price like “Am selling my kidney to buy the new iPhone 6s or SE” and many other. In simple words, the iPhone is not for everyone.

Here are the top reasons why iPhone sucks?

  • Poor battery
  • No Bluetooth support with other mobiles
  • Limited storage issue
  • Can’t backup and share Apps
  • Higher price

These are the some of the major drawbacks of iPhone and I consider these as the top reason why iPhone Sucks. Though I am listing the negative points about the iPhone, I am saying that it is the worst Smartphone ever. Rather is the one of best Smartphone ever with great performance and camera ability. But the point I have mentioned here are the some of the Cons of the iPhone which makes the worst user experience. So comparing iPhone with Android Smartphone, iPhone has its own premium design and performance but when it comes to phone for everyone it sucks in big time. If you feel that I have forgotten to mention any major drawback of iPhone then please leave them in the comment box below.  For more iPhone and Apple news, follow us on  FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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