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Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

We are here with the top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks which you must know.Android L update is started to rollout on some of the high-end mobiles and even many budget low-end mobiles will  get Android Lollipop update soon.we have listed some of the unknown hidden tips and tricks of Android L Lollipop 5.0.If you don’t know what to do with Android L you can use these some of the hidden tricks to getting full control over your latest Android OS.So here is the tips and tricks that you have to about Android L Lollipop mobiles.

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Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks:

1.Screen Pinning:

Before getting to know this trick first let us know what is screen pinning.Screen pinning allows you to pin the particular screen to your Android device.By enabling this function, no other setting or app can be opened except the pinned screen.This could be useful when you are in a situation to handover your mobile to your friends or unknown persons.

To enable screen pinning go to Settings>security>Screen pinning>on

Now open the recent apps and you can see the blue colored pin symbol icon.Bring the apps you want to pin and click on the pin button.

To exit the pinned screen simply press and hold the back and recent apps button together.

2.Ambient Display:

This feature is little different from Motorola Moto display or Active display.Ambient display will turn on the screen when you pick up the phone from the table.You no need to swipe the screen to unlock, but this feature is only available on Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

To turn ON the Ambient display go to Settings>Display>Ambient Display>ON

3.Notification privacy:

One of the greatest features of Android L update is it shows the notification on lock screen itself.But the sad part is it shows the notification even when your phone secured with password or pattern lock.So you can set the notification privacy to choose which type of notification to be displayed in lock screen.

To set privacy for notification on Android L lock screen go to Settings>Sounds and Notifications>When Screen is locked and select from the following options.

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks


4.Interruption Settings:

Interruption settings allow you to put your mobile on silent for the hours of time you wish.You can also set priority notification for which you want to get the notification.To set this click, the volume button and you will get this popup volume setting screen.


Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

  • In None option you can mute the phone for indefinitely or you can set hours.
  • In the priority menu, you can set the phone to mute or silence for  everything except calls, messages or reminders.You can set this by clicking the priority settings.

5.Android Lollipop Easter Egg:

Android always hides some Easter egg in its every version of Android.In Android Lollipop, the game is hidden inside which is inspired from addictive game Flappy Bird.Here is the trick to see this go to setting>About phone and tap on Android version.Now you will get a Lollipop Symbol and tap them to change the color of Lollipop.To open this game tap and hold the Lollipop.

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks

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Here are the top 5 Android L Lollipop Tips and Tricks which you can try out in your Android Lollipop mobiles.If you have found some cool tricks then do comment it bellow.For more update do like our Facebook Fan page and stay updated.

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