CyanogenMod is the Open source operating system available for Smartphones which is the customized version of Android with extra features and third party codes.CyanogenMod is widely popular among all the Android lovers for their customization and the extra features they provide.This custom ROM is available for many Android phone and some Smartphones(OnePlus One, Yu Smartphones) come pre-installed with CyanogenMod OS.If you are wondering why CyanogenMod is referred as the best Custom ROM ever made then this features listed below can answer you.CyanogenMod 12 is the latest version of OS which is based out from Android Lollipop 5.0.We have come up with the best features of CyanogenMod and top 5 reasons to install this ROM into your Android Smartphone.So, here is the Top 5 best features of CyanogenMod Custom ROM.

Top 5 best features of CyanogenMod Custom ROM
Top 5 best features of CyanogenMod Custom ROM

Best features of CyanogenMod OS

Screen Recorder:

First and foremost feature I personally like about this Custom ROM is the Screen Recorder.Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen for whatever you operate.The Screen recorder App cannot be installed in Android Smartphones without rooting your phone.But cyanogenMod OS by default has this option to record the screen with a single click.Also, it allows you to record the screen with sound or voice in the background.This is the great feature which helps for making Youtube Videos, making tutorials or helping your friends or family to setup some settings.

More Customizations:

Yes, CyanogenMod OS is all about easy and more customization options. The OS comes with some options than the default Android OS which makes it more awesome.You can customise the Notification bar, clock, themes and what whatever you wish.You can change the battery style and even you can customise the whole Home screen, font, style and boot animation using Trebuchet.

Button Configuration:

cyanogenMod Custom ROM allows you to edit the menu buttons.You can add or rearrange the navigation buttons.You can even set the functionality of the buttons, according to your wish. You can add search navigation button next to the three default navigation button.Also, you can toggle between physical and Onscreen button with the single click in Cyanogen OS.

Root Access:

Root Access is the most advanced feature of this custom ROM.You can enable Root access to your phone by a single click and even disable it whenever you want.Root access allows you to install some special Apps which require root access.You can enable the root option for specific Apps and also get accessed to the Superuser.

Privacy and Security Settings:

Apart from these features of CyanogenMod, it also provides some extra privacy and security to the users.You can change the access log to the specific App which is a great privacy option.For example, you can change the access log of Facebook and make it not to read your contacts, Location etc.Also, you can blacklist the unwanted numbers without any extra Applications.The Specific number can be blocked and you won’t get any more calls or messages from them.

These are the top 5  features of CyanogenMod which I like personally.There is no doubt CyanogenMod OS is the best custom ROM built ever.These extra features are the one of the reason to install Cyanogen into your Android phone and give it a try at least once.Apart from these if you are cyanogenMod user then leave the comment below for the feature which you like the most.In the future, we also come with the post on how to install cyanogenMod easily to your Android Smartphone.So for more updates, Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


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