TEGRA:Tegra is a (SoC) ie:system-on-a-chip series developed by Nvidia for mobiles like Smartphones,Personal Assistants etc. The Tegra integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit (CPU), graphics processsing unit (GPU).Tegra SoCs are designed as efficient multimedia processors, it produces high speed gaming performance without sacrificing power efficiency.History of Tegra GPU are Tegra APX,Tegra 6x,Tegra 2, Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra K1, Tegra X1.

Tegra GPU

Snapdragon: Snapdragon is a most popular SoC chip for mobile phones by Qualcomm .Snapdragon integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit (CPU), graphics processsing unit (GPU).History of Snapdragon S1,Snapdragon S2, Snapdragon S3, Snapdragon S4, Snapdragon 200 series, Snapdragon 400 series, Snapdragon 600 series, Snapdragon 800 series.

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Snapdragon GPU

Tegra,PowerVR,Snapdragon,Mali comparisions

Mali:Tegra is a (SoC) ie:system-on-a-chip series semi conductor intellutual property cores.It is embedded IP cores for 3D support.History of Mali are Utgard,Midgard
(1st-gen),Midgard (2nd-gen),Midgard (3rd-gen), Midgard (4th-gen).

Mali GPU

PowerVr:PowerVr is a division of Imagination Technologies (formerly VideoLogic) that develops hardware and software for 2D and 3D rendering, and for video encoding, decoding, associated image processing and Direct X, OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and OpenCL acceleration.It is most popularly used in Samsung,Apple.History of Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 5 XT,Series 6, Series 6 XE,Series XT



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