Are you bored of your old looking standard profile pictures on your Facebook profile? Well, here is some interesting news for you people. Facebook will soon allow its users to upload the video profile pictures [GIF format]. The users can upload the 7 seconds video from their FB APP and this feature is named as the ” Profile Videos“. The video is played whenever someone visits your profile. There is also another option to change the Video profile after some fixed time. Suppose if it is your friends birthday then you can record a video of wishing him and make it as the temporary profile video and change it automatically after 1 hour or some fixed time. So if you are wondering here is the guide on how to upload video profile picture on Facebook.

How to upload video profile picture on Facebook [GIF]

Note: This feature is available only to the UK and California iPhone users and it will be soon available to Android users as well.

To upload the video profile, go to your profile using the Facebook Application and tap on the profile picture box.

Now choose the option ” Take a new profile video“.

when the option is selected the camera will be opened and you can record a seven seconds video.

If you wish to upload the video profile from the gallery rather than taking the new video then choose the ” Upload picture or Video” option.

Sadly this preview is available only to some iPhone users of UK and California region. We hope soon the profile video update will be soon available to the Android and windows phone users for India, US, UK and for the whole world. Facebook is now moving to the next level and taking the users to the more video experience. We are experienced a significant increase of videos on our timeline.If you are annoyed of auto-playing videos, then you can turn it off here. For more updates and how to posts follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.


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