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How to use Ello social network

Ello is a Social networking site which is created for dominating Facebook.The Ello looks simple and clean but as of now everyone is confused to use it.So let me try to explain how to use Ello social network.This social network has suddenly become a hike and everyone started using it.It is not similar to Facebook and it does not have any like button.In Ello, you can  follow people and get updates from them similar to Twitter.Find some of the Ello Frequently Asked Questions here.


How to use Ello social network

How to use Ello social network:

Getting Started to Ello works on invite system as it still in its beta stage.You need to get invite from someone or you can request invite in Ello site to sign up.Here we have provided  some of the Ello invites.In return Also Comment your invites below.

Click to open the invite code












After signing up please change your profile picture or else, it would be great difficult to use Ello.

How to post in Ello?

Just click the square box and start typing and click the post button.You can also include images, links, youtube videos and many more.

How to use Ello social network

How to use Ello social network

What is Friends and Noise?

Friends are someone who you wish to follow and view their updates on your Newsfeed.Noise are those you follow, but you can only see their updates only when you click the Noise tab.To add friends and Noise click Discover button on upper left corner.

How to use Ello social network

How to use Ello social network

How to send messages?

You cannot send messages using Ello but its coming soon.

How to tag a person?

In Ello, you can tag the person by typing name using @ before similar to Twitter.

This social network is Ad-free and it does not contain any Like button.Still you can comment in the post but there is no share option.Ello is still in the Beta stage and it’s not clean as of now.Enjoy Ad free Ello and also Follow GadgetGossip on Ello here 

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